Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York loves a parade. And no parade in the city is more anticipated and watched than the the biggest of them all. Now on its 83rd year, the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has become a big part in an all-American tradition that dates back to the time of the colonists and the Indians celebrating good harvest in 1621. Today, that "harvest" could mean just about any blessing to thank God for: family, friends, good health, stable job or that roasted Turkey on the dinner table.

A large crowd has already gathered as we weaved ourselves into a tight spot on South Central Park just before 9 AM. Everyone was on a festive mood, properly layered for the 50 degree Fahrenheit weather. For three hours, we stood there - this my second time - feeling like a child entranced by the sight of giant balloon characters parading one by one. On some floats were celebrities too like Andrea Boccelli, Cyndi Lauper, Alan Cumming, Gloria Gaynor and Katharine McPhee. Once the parade was over, our first business was to run to the nearest restroom. Thank God the Time Warner Center is just close by!

Thank you for the parade Macy's!

the Turkey that got away


Kermit the frog


Abby Caddaby


SpongeBob SquarePants

Dora the Explorer

Hello Kitty

Pillsbury Doughboy

Horton the Elephant

Mickey Mouse

Ronald McDonald

Buzz Lightyear


tail-end view of the parade at the Time Warner Center


  1. Lucky you... just die to see this parade !

    Great capture...very colorful!
    Nice job !

  2. So colorful! Thanks for sharing the photos. It felt like we were there, too. Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Anonymous4:19:00 AM

    dennis, you don't have any idea how wide my smile was when i was looking at those balloons! ang ganda!!! my son, gabby was so delighted too. thank you for sharing. this post made my weekend. =)

  4. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing
    Denz! I'll let my kids see the pics tomorrow in the big screen ;)

  5. All the floats were well done this year but gotta say Spidey is my favorite.

  6. Saya naman ng thansgiving niyo dyan... ako nung araw ng thanksgiving nasa biyahe ako...hahayz...

  7. Wow naman at bonggang bongga ang thanksgiving parade dyan sa NY. Lahat ng cartoon characters andiyan. Teka wala ang paborito kong si garfield.

  8. Very colorful parade, I didn't know that NY has this kind of parade, is it a balloon parade? I like the hello kitty and spider man :-0

  9. Hangkyut naman...

    Hehe :) Sana next year makita ko yan! haha!

  10. ngayon ko lang uli nakita ang smurfs. very colorful parade.

  11. I always wanted to see this parade "up close and personal" - lucky you!

  12. Wow ang ganda pala ng Parade na yan...sana makapunta rin ako ng Amerika someday hehehe..Thanks for sharing! Btw, Gusto ko yung Shrek figure ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. The photos of the parade were excellent! I just didn't like Spongebob sporting a smile. It looks scary to me. LOL.

  14. Your first sentence rings so true!

    Love the smurf balloon the best. Hoped you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

  15. my little and big nephews would love to see those too!..i grabbed 'em dens.

    is this macy's TD the one charice attended last year?

    Uncle Sam's never run out of world class events..and are u.

  16. yan ang maganda sa US---kahit krisis pananalapi talagang pag thanksgiving enggrande parin....

  17. I thought I really love the movie...and I guess you did too, coz you finished all those nachos without even noticing....hehe

  18. wow! would love to go to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade even once in my life! :D


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