Manhattan skyline as seen from Brooklyn Bridge

For most first-time visitors to Manhattan, it's usually the towering skyscrapers that easily get their attention, if not the cause of some stiff necks. I can always say someone is a tourist just by the way they crane their necks heavenward with mouths oftentimes open. For a change, I decided to put myself in the tourist mode, roaming around city blocks in sneakers and looking up at towering buildings with my eyes squinting behind a camera.

Zooming in, I realize how certain parts of a building's facade can present itself as a pleasant study in lines and shapes. A building as a whole may look impressive right away but I find sectional details offer a very different architectural tapestry. The whole, after all, is the sum of its parts - in this case, a series of windows high up there.


  1. Nice architecture...you managed to show us the diversity in those facades.

  2. i actually like glass buildings. sad though that it's prohibited taking photos along ayala avenue.

    ok let me choose my favorite in this set, i like the first and the second photo the most. nice set.

  3. Anonymous10:45:00 AM

    wow, nice patterns! i wouldn't mind getting a stiff neck if i get to enjoy those windows from ny skyscrapers! LOL =)

  4. It's an interesting set of photos. Two thumbs up for the observation. Wonderful patterns.

  5. Nice shots of building facades, as usual. And you're right, one can tell whether one is a tourist or not by seeing whether the person is gawking at the buildings. Personally, that's the thing I don't like about NYC, there are too many tall buildings, and I feel like an ant sometimes.

  6. it's about time you feature those amazing buildings :)

    i'm waiting for more to come, ok. i simply love all the skyscrapers and would love to take a peek at the details that i've missed.

  7. Ayos din pala pagmasdan kapag itab mo ang iba't ibang angles ng iba't ibang window ng buinding... jijijiji.. parang puzzle na parang art... jejejejeje

  8. i must admit. my eyes truly had their work-out on seeing these photos. amazing architectures.

  9. Anonymous6:59:00 PM

    A wonderful set of photos, love the angles, the perspective and the variety. Nicely done.

  10. funny observation on the tourists but it's actually true:) nice shots on the building facades.

  11. Nice architecture, really admire that kind of ahots. I wish I could visit NYC, that would be one in my "to do list" when I retire hehehe. And I will make sure I'll take photos of those skyscrapers (I did that in Tokyo).

  12. nice shots!
    it will be a good geometric fabric patterns


  13. Hey there...blog hopping here from docgelo!
    A very nice observations...your window shots look like a quilt with a beauty and character of its own.

  14. Very nice photos- great lines, symmetry and patterns. I haven't been to NYC and I'm positive that I'd be on my 100% tourist mode/behavior when I get to visit. Hopefully, I can visit NYC next year. Be my tour guide? :D

  15. Anonymous9:16:00 PM

    Awesome "patterns" collection!

    The first one is still my favorite, I like the framing.

    I really have to visit NY some times... it's ridiculous, I'm so close!

  16. great abstract photos! well seen!

  17. so clean!.. there are scores of that in dubai :D..

    so how do u call this type of photograpy bro?..lines and columns? i should try those...i wanted to believe its ..."easy".

  18. Hi Sidney,

    Hi Dong,
    I didn't know it's prohibited to take photos in Ayala. Too security-conscious.

    Hi Doc Gelo,
    Neck stiff or not, I won't be surprised if you're one of the many first-time visitors looking up!

    Hi Witsandnuts,

    Hi Linguist,
    After 9/11, I actually have a phobia going up the top floors of tall buildings.

    Hi Photo Cache,
    I'll try to feature some more - there's plenty of buildings to cover, oh my!

    Hi Xprosaic,
    Oo nga eh. Salamat.

    Hi Lawstude,
    That's ocular exercise for you ha ha!

    Hi ifmomsaysok,
    Thanks for the visit!

    Hi Marites,
    It's very easy to spot tourists in NY especially at Times Square.

    Hi Missy,
    You should visit NY someday pero not just when you retire naman.

    Hi Ron,
    Welcome to my page. Thanks.

    Hi Nance,
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Dyosa,
    I love showing parts of NY to visitors as long as I have no work that day. Let me know.

    Hi Zhu,
    you're so close as in where? NY will leave you breathless.

    Hi Lantaw,
    coming from you, that's a compliment! thanks.

    Hi Josh,
    I know there's plenty of cool skyscrapers in Dubai. Perhaps you could take photos as well?


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