The Pond

Ice skating under the shadows of skyscrapers

Winter is just around the corner but that doesn't mean New Yorkers will be hibernating soon. In fact, the city is gearing up for winter outdoor pursuits. Just recently, The Pond - Bryant Park's free admission ice skating rink - opened once again to the public. Where else can you skate for free? In these troubled economic times, anything free is always welcome, never mind if the rental gear for skating is not ($12).

Open everyday until January 24, 2010 (from 8 AM to 10 PM on weekdays, till midnight on weekends), The Pond is a beehive of people, big and small, whirling, gliding, spinning and at times tumbling on an elevated rink that covers what is actually a big lawn of the park. What I find interesting was watching the kids on their first baptism of skating, shadowed by a Mom or a Dad keen on teaching. Who knows there's a future figure skating champion among them?

"Mom it's slippery!"

"Mom I can't look!"

"Dad this is cool!"

"Mom I think I pooped!"

"Mom are we there yet?"

"Dad not too fast!"

"Mom is this really ice?"

"Dad where are you?"

"I made it!"


  1. I liked most that "I think I pooped" picture. It's nice to see human emotions through snapshots. There's one condo being constructed in Makati and they call each unit as "The Pond".

  2. Yung Mom I think I pooped photo ay cute rin. Not to mention cute young lil girl. Ganda naman ng the pond, kakainggit naman. free admission pa.

  3. Great pictures...well done!
    I feel I am on ice !

  4. Anonymous3:58:00 AM

    honestly, i've tried to skate only once; LOL, years ago when the rink in sm megamall opened and now there's the largest in manila at sm-mall of asia but unlike in your place there in ny, entrance doesn't come free but it's there all year round. i bet you're good at skating (?).

  5. looks like you had as much fun as the skaters.

  6. Hi Witsandnuts,
    What's good with kids is that they're so natural even with a camera pointing at them.

    Hi Redlan,
    Swerte lang namin dito at may malalaking kompanyang nag-sponsor sa The Pond kaya free ang admission.

    Hi Sidney,

    Hi Docgelo,
    Ha ha ha, I'm not at all into skating...I'm scared strapping myself into those shoes and breaking an ankle after.

    Hi Lawstude,
    Just taking photos of the kids and watching people go by was fun itself for us.

  7. Anonymous9:26:00 PM

    i have not tried ice skating because i am scared of looking like an idiot LOL

  8. Hahaha! I love your captions! They made the photos extra-amusing!

    Anyway, I wonder why it is only until January that they have this rink operating. Come to think of it, winter is way further than that. Heck, even here in Buffalo, it is surprising that we're already just 7 days away from the end of November and we haven't had snow yet.

  9. Nice captions....

    Love it!

  10. dito wala na ang skating rink sa megamall tsk...

  11. whoa! saya diyan. natural ang lamig. i did rollerblading but not yet with snow skating.

  12. bryant park hosts free broadway shows in the summer, and this is their free treat for winter? oh what fun!


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