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All the way from Finland comes not another mobile phone but two guys with a passion for extreme travel experiences. For the two-man crew of Madventures, Riku Rantala and Tunna Milonoff, theirs is not a typical idea of a holiday. They visit remote areas of the hemisphere in search of the unusual, the bizarre and the totally insane, immersing themselves to it while filming themselves without a script and merely going with the flow. Their show became a cult hit in Finland that Travel Channel decided to show them in the US which began last month.

On air last night was the premiere on the episode of Madventures Philippines. Shot on location in Palawan, Cebu, Manila and Pampanga earlier this year, the show is at times funny, often outrageous and shocking to the senses, a very raw depiction of things no ordinary tourists would want to encounter or experience. I didn't even know about Bagbag Cemetery in Manila until I saw the episode and found the desecration of tombs rather distasteful. To my surprise this morning, segments of the episode are already posted on Youtube including this one below:


  1. I watched the video till the end, it's very interesting. I never heard about this cemetery. When they described the balut mentioning about the embryo, then ate it, I wasn't surprised when he vomited. He tortured himself psychologically from the time he described it. =)

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I taped this episode and will probably continue to watch. The two guys are truly "Mad".

  3. I saw the ads on this show at Travel Channel, but didn't realize he went to the PI. I'll probably be content with Bourdain and Zimmern for now.

    How's NY?

  4. hahaha.... great find! thanks for sharing. made me laugh.

  5. i love their show! i'm glad travel channel decided to keep this finnish import!

    i've blogged about their preview episode from a few months ago...that's how i got hooked.

  6. Hi Witsandnuts,
    I thought I'd vomit too just watching the other guy's vomitus. Yuck!

    Hi Hoz,
    All the segments are already posted in Youtube.

    Hi Photo Cache,
    And we thought Zimmern's food likes are already bizarre huh.
    NY's weather is fine for now, can't complain with upper 60's this week.

    Hi Dong,
    I know you'd enjoy this.

    Hi Fortuitous Faery,
    I hope the duo gets invited to speak someday at the travel shows in NY - you should see this weekend's Adventure in Travel Expo at the Jacob Javits Center.

  7. Ahahahahhaha it may be odd and weird but it is still great! ahahahahhahaha... cool! jejejejejjeje

  8. Anonymous1:29:00 PM

    Dens, I watched this particular episode twice and I had my brother record it at the same time. Oniot and I are such huge fans of Riku and Tunna. They are fearless, MAD and ADVENTUROUS! =D Chinacks

  9. Strong...excellent! In fact those are things I want(ed) to document myself. I think they did a good job...

    I like this kind of journalism... it is funny but at the same time it respects the people they visit.

    Thanks for pointing this out to me.

  10. sanayan lang daw kasi... and that guy talking about hope... how silly to me.

  11. i was with riku and tunna during theire shoot, theyre awfully nice guys, though it was my craziest 2 weeks ever. bagbag is near novaliches. its in qc

  12. and oh, i was the guy in red in the jeepney scene.

  13. Ever since seeing you two guys in the Brazilian slum under gangs control I loved what you were doing. I've lived in the Philippines many years so great to see you made there also. Right now I'm in Georgia on an 8 month trip which started in Sri Lanka headed for the Mediterranean islands. If you have a emailing list add me. So good luck and GO FOR IT!!


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