It's a rainy Saturday in New York and my thoughts went back again several thousand miles away to the Philippines still reeling from two typhoons that brought death and devastation. Rather than sulk in my apartment and watch depressing news on CNN, I decided to grab my camera, meet two friends, have coffee and just see the world go by in New York under an umbrella. Dear Philippines, my prayers are with you!

"I do", rain or shine

Sunshine? What sunshine?

View from the train

Soaked sightseeing


  1. Nice street shots !
    Not easy to take pictures under the rain!

    We were lucky that a second typhoon did not hit Manila again!

  2. great shots specially the first one. kahit nasaan talaga tayo, pinas pa rin ang nasa puso natin. that's what my brother in chicago told us and i know most of you pinoys out there felt the same way.

  3. i like the the first shot too!

    Hay, i want to live there in New York! :)

  4. Anonymous11:39:00 PM

    Great shots, nice to see those yellow cabs. I've always wanted to live in NY, too!

  5. That's true, I think we'd always leave a part of our heart in the Philippines. Nice photos!

  6. ganda nung shots sa itaas ng bus..

    uso rin pala ang kapote dyan.;)

  7. Anonymous6:33:00 AM

    Impressive photos and witty captions. Thank you. I don't know why but your photos emanate positive vibrations.

  8. Hi Sidney,
    It certainly was a challenge taking photos but I like the outcome. Thank God Manila was spared from Pepeng!

    Hi Lawstude,
    I think lahat yata ng Pinoy sa labas ng Pilipinas naapektuhan and thus we try to help in any way we can. There's even a benefit concert for Ondoy victims in NY next week.

    Hi Homer,
    Thanks for the visit. NY for me is a great city for singles!

    Hi Hushboy,
    The energy of NY is just infectious kaya ako ayoko nang lumipat pa ng ibang city sa Amerika.

    Hi Witsandnuts,
    Wherever we go, di naman kasi maiaalis sa puso natin ang pinanggalingan natin.

    Hi Everlito,
    Oo naman, yan yung mga disposable raincoats na binibigay sa double decker tour bus kapag umuulan.

    Hi Isladenebz,
    Thanks so much for appreciating - di ko rin yata alam na may positive vibrations pala yung mga kuha ko this time.

  9. Anonymous5:01:00 AM

    i also like the first shot!
    good capture of those rain drops on that bench.

    some say liking the rain is a sign of negativity. but i look at it the opposite. i consider rain as a blessing for crops won't grow without it.

    of course there's a huge gap between rain and what we've experienced in manila recently. you know it wasn't the usual downpour... good thing that the sun began shining its brightest again here.

  10. while raining scenarios there in the US is more "formal"..and clutter-less, ours is more dramatic & chaotic... i jst dont w/c one u enjoy better :)

    the macro shot of dews in the bench is your another masterpiece. rgds

  11. galing.

    nice shots. my eyes labs the first shot. cool. pro na pro.

  12. i'm sure ny is pretty under the rain too.

    of course our thoughts are still with our kabayans, but california really really needs rain. i hope we get some.

  13. love your photographic eye. amazing pictures! esp. like the movement of the 2nd.

  14. Hi Docgelo,
    Like you, I see rain as a blessing as water is life.

    Hi Josh,
    Not at all, remember Hurricane Katrina? It dumped so much water it flooded New Orleans.

    Hi Poot,
    Thanks for appreciating!

    Hi Photo Cache,
    It wasn't a downpour that day so NY still looked presentable. Heehee!

    Hi Floreta,
    Thanks so much! You did notice it. Keen eyes you've got.

  15. i love the clear umbrella the groom's holding! isn't it supposed to be lucky to have rain at a wedding? nice photo!


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