Aboard Megabus

It's a long weekend and we're hopping on a Megabus to Washington DC, one of alternative bus companies plying the Northeast corridor. It's efficient, clean and very cheap, in fact, cheaper than Greyhound. We only paid $38.50 roundtrip (from New York). Fares can even go as low as $1 if reservation is made way in advance. Megabus is similar to BoltBus in terms of price and service, both uniquely offering free Wifi onboard. Which truly makes that 4-hour long journey to the US capital more, shall I say, productive. E-mails can be checked, blogging updates can be done.
internet on the move: so cool!
As I've said, this is a long weekend and no one else could feel it more than George W. Bush, this being his last weekend as the President of the United States. After tomorrow's federal holiday, the 44th Head of State is sworn in. What a week to start for Barack Obama - it's a dream come true indeed for Martin Luther King, Jr. He must be smiling in his grave now. As for us, we're still smiling until we see all that crowd and traffic later in Washington DC.


  1. Denz, this is gonna be an experience of a lifetime - to be there when Obama gets sworn into office. Sa TV lang ko mu-tan-aw - working that day.

    Call Jeannette Calahong - maybe you guys can get together.

  2. Hi Gwen,
    Too bad, I'm on my way back to New York. Trabaho sab ko. Just went to Washington DC para lang makita ilang preparasyon.

  3. I saw it on TV this morning. It was quite a site.


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