Washington DC

Tomorrow at noon, a new US President takes charge of the country. It is such a historic event that everyone would want to see it where it takes place, right at the US Capitol in Washington DC. We're visiting the capital city but we're not actually witnessing it tomorrow when Barack Obama takes his oath as the 44th President of the United States. Rather, we made it down here from New York to see how things are going before the big event and then head back home where work is still waiting.
What we've found is that a normally staid Washington DC has suddenly become a venue for one very big party. Crowds are steadily increasing at the National Mall, an open area managed by the National Parks Service stretching 1.9 miles between the US Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. Yesterday, during the free concert honoring Obama at the Lincoln Memorial, thousands braved the cold to catch a glimpse of Bono, Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen. George Bush must have felt as if he's being evicted as his Marine One lands for the last time at the South Lawn of the White House.From the looks of it, the city is geared up for the inaugural activities. The inaugural platform and the bleachers on the west front of the US Capitol is ready. Along the length of the National Mall, huge screens are strategically placed and major networks have already held their court. Even if nature calls in the middle of Obama's speech, there are hundreds of portable restrooms everywhere. And of course, there are souvenir stalls and hawkers selling the gamut from Obama buttons to Obama t-shirts. There's even an Obama periscope for those in the crowd who'll eventually get tired of craning their necks.

As for me, well, I'll be happy seeing Obama closer on TV at home after work tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous5:43:00 PM

    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you so much for sharing your pics of DC..they will be will be very historical photos..awesome!


  2. Hi Dens,

    Looking every inch an American, with all the hopes and dreams. How about taking photos of Malacanang with me taking oath as the new Philippine Barang-Gay Senator? Ha ha ha ha. Hala kabaga no? Well am sooooooooooo proud!!! I can only say, you're oh so so sooooooo well travelled. Nasina baya ko. Imagine witnessing history unfolding beorfe your very beautiful and pretty eyes!

  3. In addition to other big celebrities that will be present during Barack Obama's inauguration, will be Philippine's very own Charice Pempengco.

  4. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for the visit.

    Hi Nats,
    I had work last Tuesday so we went last weekend to feel the pulse of the city - my, it was throbbing!!!

    Hi Clint,
    Charice performed only at the pre-inaugural ball held at the Hyatt in Washington last Sunday.


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