Selling The Philippines As An Adventure Destination

It's hard to believe but of all the big adventure outfitters based in the US, UK and Canada - and there's plenty of them - only one travel company has included the Philippines in its list of destinations. In the various websites I surfed, even the companies I've traveled with like GAP Adventures and Intrepid, there's nothing at all about "packaged" adventure tours to the Philippines (while Thailand and Vietnam has a dizzying number!). Imaginative Traveller, another company I've previously booked a trip with, advertised a 3-week Philippine escapade only last year but the last time I checked it, it's gone.

So it's such a pleasant surprise to find Wilderness Travel, a rather upscale company based in California, squeezing a 13-day itinerary in the Philippines that includes Donsol and Palawan. I received their glossy 2009 brochure which showed a nice little spread of enticing El Nido photos. What's not so enticing is the price: from $4495 per person. This is of course from a company that excels in its quality of service, making it one of National Geographic magazine's 2009 Best Adventure Travel Companies in the Do-It-All category.

I'm always glad whenever I see foreign travel companies promoting the Philippines. But then, we also need to do our part. Last year, I was ecstatic when the Philippine Department of Tourism, joined New York's two big travel powwows: Adventure Expo In Travel and The New York Times Travel Show. And of course, there's nothing like the millions of overseas Filipinos doing the job itself- advertising the country to foreign friends and colleagues.

As an adventure destination, I believe the Philippines is as competitive as her neighbors. There's plenty of things to do and sights to see. It's about time she shines again in the Far East.


  1. Anonymous11:56:00 PM

    I guess the best approach is to look for Phil-based adventure tour operators. I actually developed a website for such a company, Tribal Adventures (www.tribaladventures.com). They are on Google's 1st page with keywords: "adventure travel philippines". Service is first rate and prices are reasonable. I even joined them on an adventure tour in Coron, Palawan - sea kayaking, snorkeling, motor biking, etc.

    But I agree with you. The Philippines has a lot more to offer as an adventure destination.

  2. Thanks TheLoneRider!
    I wanted to highlight the dearth of well-known adventure foreign tour operators that offer the Philippines as a destination but you're right, it's better to go local - it actually helps the economy as well.


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