Where Do You Want To Go?

Getting ideas for that next destination couldn't be easier after attending the annual New York Times Travel Show. One of the biggest - if not the biggest - trade & exhibit powwows in the world, this is where for one weekend, travel-savvy New Yorkers are actually not traveling so they can attend the show. With practically all corners of the world covered, consumers and exhibitors meet and talk under the cavernous roof of the Javits Center to seek the hottest destinations money can buy and learn something even before they fly.

As always, the first booth that I seek out is the Philippines. I'm relieved to find  the Philippine Department of Tourism is still very active in pursuing potential visitors to the country. And it should  given that neighboring ASEAN countries like Thailand & Vietnam - already so popular among Americans - still had a big presence in the exhibit. As part of the scheduled program, Chef Romy Dorotan of Purple Yam demonstrated cooking a Pinoy version of Tamales before a really hungry crowd (all that walking while lugging heavy brochures do drive up hunger!).

Rick Steves
Pauline Frommer & Arthur Frommer
Patricia Schultz
Samantha Brown
Besides walking endlessly around the huge exhibit area, it was a welcome relief to finally get to sit down while listening to talks given by people who I see mostly on TV and wished I had their jobs. There's Samantha Brown of Travel Channel and Rick Steves of the PBS channel's Rick's Steves' Europe. Authors Pauline and Arthur Frommer of the 'guide books' series  talked about travel tips and getting your travel money's worth while Patricia Schultz, who wrote "1000 Places To See Before You Die", talked about destinations worth-exploring before we say goodbye to the world.

In about four weeks I'll be going on a trip somewhere. But where am I going? And where will you be going?


  1. I'll be heading back to the Philippines for 5 weeks in May/June; I need to renew my US visa, visit the parents, and do some backpacking in the Visayas. Didn't you say you were heading in the same direction too?

    And if things go well, I'll be heading south again, although this is a business trip. I won't say where it is yet until it is sure, but if it does happen, it'll be the southernmost place I will have visited.

  2. Anonymous10:30:00 AM

    bitin na bitin sa huli mong tanong,dennis...

    i'm sure it'll be a whole lot of adventure perhaps better than your other fantastic trips.

    where do i want to go? europe, india, back to tokyo and yes, NYC! when? that's a billion ringgit question!

  3. so good to know too that the DOT of Philippines particapated. tamales looks good but for sure they have offered adobo as well.

  4. while ethiopian food is really good, i don't think that's where you're headed. how come i never got wind of such shows around these parts?

    i'm trying to curb my need to travel for now. but who knows 2011 is still very young.

    so you're going to keep us guessing, eh?

  5. whoa, travel exhibit. this is not like a travel expo, right?
    good to know DOT has better efforts in this event than the one they launched here. haha

  6. So...where is your next destination? :-)

  7. And where are you going next? :) As for me, no definite plans yet except for the required trip to South of the Philippines this August.

  8. Oh Wow! Up-close and personal with SAMANTHA BROWN!!! Samantha Brown, my favorite travel show host. I have her shows in my itouch. I love her. You're so lucky!!! (I sounded like a movie fan here. Hahaha)

    I want to go where Samantha Brown is going (ok, confirmed. I'm like a movie fan. Hahaha).

  9. Linguist-in-Waiting,
    this just shows you read what I wrote in the comment section :) yup, that's where i'm going after thinking long and hard - it was a toss between two countries.

    you get paid in ringgit? that's a strong currency i heard so i bet your hard-earned money will bring you and your new nikon to anywhere near and far!

    dong ho,
    oh no, there was no demo on adobo. but it was heartening to see a crowd watching the pinoy chef do his version of tamales.

    Photo Cache,
    i think there was a travel show in SF area sponsored by national geographic. they usually go around major cities. no, i'm not going to Ethiopia (although i'd love to go there!)

    yes Chyng, it's like the travel expo @ SM (been there several times in the past!) but way bigger and covers the entire planet.

    hint: i might bump into you soon :)

    ahhh, that 'required' trip sounds like business trip. or if not, then a 'wedding' trip (i remember you went to bohol for a wedding)

    this was my second time seeing her and listening to her talk. the best however was meeting Ian Wright in person at another travel show!

  10. Wow Philippines! :) good to know that our country participated,we need aggressive marketing.hehe
    wow! you're really going home ha? yay!

  11. Glad to know the nomadic in you is always alive and burning and despite of the many beautiful places you have visited, your journey goes on :)Going home muna ba?

  12. thepinaysolobackpacker,
    yes, can't wait! magpapataba na naman haha!

    lakwatsera de primera,
    it's been more than a year na kasi.

    Z Joya,


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