The Market Square

Prior to this trip, the only product I've associated Finland with was the Nokia phone. I've been a Nokia user for a long time. For many Pinoys back home, even getting a new Nokia meant always checking from a cell phone dealer whether that latest model is originally from Finland or *gasps* from China. Nothing elicits a confident smile than knowing it is actually made from a Finnish factory.

With a few more hours to kill before our ferry ride to Tallinn, Estonia, we decided to check the Market Square, Helsinki's famous open air market located at the end of Esplanadi, a major thoroughfare. It is actually close to where we board the ferry, so close enough to the water that sightseeing boats also depart from there. Like the victorious Vikings of yore, we wanted to snag some memento of Finland (and not just the phone that I already use everyday, duh!).

It's a bright summer day and the market scene was certainly very alive. From spring to fall, this market draws both locals and tourists to the many stalls selling the gamut: produce from farms, food straight from the sea, artisanal crafts and jewellery and of course, tourist doodads. Like rats eyeing a precious piece of cheese, we naturally fell for the trap and found ourselves hypnotized by souvenirs with a Euro price to match.

the tourist trap

reindeer skin rugs will give a PETA member a heart attack

wooden utensils that may be used as a weapon

a sunny day for a cup of coffee

somehow, this food stall reminds me of a palengke eatery
(I was imagining suman, bibingka and tsokolate)

fruit jams

very very berries!

she's offering me a pea on a pod (or herne as Finns call it)

Helsinki skyline with the barely visible Market Square

Finns take advantage of a short summer by sailing and sunbathing

crossing the Baltic Sea from Helsinki to Tallinn takes only an hour and a half
aboard the very fast Linda Lines "Merilin" catamaran


  1. ang ganda naman dyan sa pinuntahan mo

  2. Did you know the very Firt Miss Universe came from Finland? When she visited the Philippines, she was swept off her feet by a Pinoy, Virgilio Hilario. They got married within weeks after they met. Mabilis talaga ang Pinoy LOL.

  3. Bert,
    Didn't know about this but thanks for the trivia! I agree, hanep sa charm ang Pinoy lover hahaha!

  4. Hi Dennis!

    I follow your blog anonymously :) This comment is totally unrelated but I would like to get your opinion. I'm going on another trip, this time for two weeks to the Sultanate of Brunei. Have you ever been there? What would be your packing tips for a Muslim country? Are women allowed to wear shorts, or should I just stick to pants (and die in heat)?

    I hope you post more packing tips since you're obviously a master :)

  5. Thanks for taking me (us) to Finland! I always love to visit your blog, The Nomadic Pinoy takes me around the world! U

    At mabuti naman at nagbago na itong comment page, dati nahihirapan akong mag-iwan ng comment. Huh!

    'Yong profile mo dito sa blogger binuksan ko noon, parang kulang. 'Di ko lang alam kung nagbago o nadagdagan na ngayon, check ko pagkatapos ma-post itong comment ko.

  6. It's so pretty out there. I must say I know nothing about Finland at all. I didn't even know that Nokia originated from Finland.

  7. Abou,

    Never been to Brunei but since I've lived in a Muslim country before, perhaps the customs there are pretty much what it is with most Muslim countries. You better stick with pants but not tight jeans either. Might as well bring a nice scarf to cover your head in case you visit mosques.

    I had problems with Disqus so I dumped it and reverted back to default commenting system. Salamat sa pagbisita dito.

    Photo Cache,
    So I assume you don't use Nokia? hehehe. Tallinn is actually prettier, as you'll soon find out.

  8. nice trivia by Bert..

    how does it feel kaya to almost travel around the world. ang galing!

  9. anu yung nakabilog na name sa may white board? ang sweet nina ate at kuya sa may cruise!

  10. Chyng,
    nakakagana talaga. marami pang dapat puntahan...kulang nga lang sa time at ubos na ang pera :(

    sa totoo lang, di ko alam. pero puro pagkain ang binibenta doon.

  11. natuwa naman ako sa trivia ni bert. hehe
    ang ganda naman ng market square sa Finland, ang linis. kahit yung parang mga carinderia, ng linis din.
    grabe ka tlga, nilibot mu na ang mundo! kulang nlng Africa at Alaska ata ah...pero teka, baka naountahan mu na din,d mu plng napo-post. :D

    keep exploring! ikaw na tlaga ng Nomadic Pinoy! :D

  12. Anonymous4:23:00 PM

    my second home <3 filipino forever tho!


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