London, United Kingdom

train to Cockfosters

Like most international airports, there are several options of going to central London from all of Heathrow's 5 terminals. The Airport Express is the fastest, bringing anyone willing to pay a pricey £18 in just 15 minutes to downtown. There are also taxis, buses and shared shuttle vans (to hotels). What I did, as in the past, was to hop on the Tube - London's underground mode of transport. It cost only £4. What was amusing was the way American women laugh after hearing the train's PA: "This is the Piccadilly Line going to Cockfosters" (photo above) - really, such a place do exist and it's at the end of the line. However, none of my friends who live in London has been there (not that there's nothing interesting to see there, I suppose).

my friend Mel led the way as we took a walk in his Chelsea neighborhood

study the map well so you don't get on the wrong bus

this is an area behind London's Victoria Station

My destination was the South Kensington station, about 45 minutes away. As expected, my friend Mel was waiting for me. One thing that immediately caught me as we stepped out was the heat. I mean, I traveled from one big city feeling roasted from the summer sun and here I was in London feeling like I was in the Philippines sweating a bucket. It was hot at 32 degrees Celsius (although New York's record of 39 last week can't be beat). We took a short walk to his flat in the Chelsea district where he also works. As it was already lunch time, Mel fed me with his own rendition of Pinoy comfort food: monggo soup, pork sinigang and kangkong. After eating that forgettable inflight meal on American Airlines, this was like a treat on the ground that I got so full. Maybe I should ask Mel to cook me a baon for my return flight, no?

don't sleep too well or you'll go past your bus stop

another friend lives here in Sloane Square

Three big sights in one frame: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben & London Eye

There are plenty of things iconic in London and one of them has got to be the double decker bus. Sadly, those old buses that I rode in only a few years ago are now gone, replaced with newer models which are supposedly more comfortable. Mel and I took a ride and naturally sat upfront on the second deck. The view from up there was the best, looking at regular folks doing their shopping, or simply lazing around on parks. However, this being my first time to go to London at the height of summer, I found myself sweating again as the bus - just like the subway trains - don't have airconditioning. It was quite a sticky feeling but then my mind was diverted as Mel and I tried to catch on each other's lives ever since our Morocco trip almost 2 years ago. Before we know it, we've reached our destination. We're on our feet this time.


  1. Those are great pictures! Unfortunately, I haven't been to the UK yet, so I have to be content with your photos for the time being...

  2. Wow, London is really beautiful!
    There is one of my travel destination!

  3. Makes me want to go back there soon; was just thinking of England today, what a coincidence! Lovely pics, as always.

  4. Nice to visit with friends especially if they live where you want to go and sightsee.

  5. 32'C in London and 39'C in NYC? at least you never felt homesickness in the climate department. hehe..

    summer heat radiates in your London pics.

    ...when will I set foot in europe? *sigh*

  6. waaaah the famous Big Ben! :) And where's the London bridge? I wanna go to London para lang makapag pa picture dun promise! ;)

  7. napansin ko na laging silang may basehang mapa...sana ganun din sa sa atin. para di maligaw...:)

  8. The first photo is just soooo powerful! Ang galing galing mo mag take ng shots.

  9. wow. i would definitely get lost there, but i don't mind coz i have at least a dozen friends who live there :)

  10. i like the last shot that you included three landmarks in a frame.

    in places like this first thing that comes into my mind is cycling around the city.

  11. hi np,
    do you have any updates from your former (ur very first) employer- KAAHOC, Jeddah, KSA. I'm on my maiden voyage to KAAHOC or KAAUH...(whatever..still confused)--wanna ask how many king abdulaziz hospital in Jeddah?...would u mind helping me by giving important tips/infos/ideas(negative or positive)..It would be of great help to me as a "pioneer" in this field--seeking for greener pasture...Thanks and God Bless U on ur next voyage...

  12. awesommmeee.... u're in london! can't wait to read more about ur london trip.. brings back lots of memories having spent a bit of time there before..

  13. Anonymous11:23:00 AM

    Guys need your help! I'm gonna be in the UK in December and we need a place to stay in London from 29th to 1st of January. Do you know any pinoy who's doing transient? thanks!

    email me at xianlu@sbcglobal.net

  14. Anonymous,
    Unfortunately, no one among my friends who live in London knows of anyone who lets in transients.


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