The Heat Is On In London

Instead of taking the usual tourist photo op right in front of the Buckingham Palace, we got contented hiding under the shade of trees in The Green Park, one of the designated royal parks in London. At least from where we sat, the palace was still visible. I can only imagine the Queen (who was in residence at the time) looking out of her window to see throngs of sweaty tourists still milling around outside her huge gates.

It's another hot afternoon in London and those with fairer complexion than us were, as usual, in full force trying to get a tan from an intense summer sun. Might as well take advantage of it rather than going to a tanning salon and paying for the benefits, right?

Even a brass band in the park deserves some shade as they provide music to those around them who were almost "naked". For a change, iPods were parked and ears pointed in this direction.

At the Horse Guards building, not even the heat will stop a member of the Household Cavalry from going anywhere to cool off. That is, until after two hours when another horse-mounted trooper relieves him. This has been a tradition for years since the time of Queen Victoria.

British weather is oftentimes associated with cold, gray skies but this day has been particularly different in a good way. People's moods were upbeat, sunny as this rare weather. I could only wish to stay longer as there are many sights I'd like to see again in London but then I have actually some other places to go to. Just as warm, I suppose.


  1. oh london. awesome shots. you are right, i have been told that london has been associated with rains and umbrellas so having clear blue skies is a welcome change for them. :)

  2. Wow. The scene with the not-so-dressed people somehow just looks like Central Park in New York City!

  3. haha, so half naked people or barely dressed ones are allowed in the park? sarap naman jan! Ü

  4. funny how you went from one hot city into another one. you just can't get a break eh? unless of course you're a hot weather person.

  5. shirtless under the sun... papatan pa rin sila. opposite sa mga pinoy.

  6. The humidity level was captured on your shots. But I am sure you will find a way to enjoy yourself with that weather conditions (without going half naked of course, hahaha).

  7. Is that the "London Eye" in the background in your last photo?

  8. Lawstude,
    a welcome change for them indeed!

    that's what I thought too.

    talagang walang problema naka-half naked doon.

    I'm actually more of a cold weather person.

    Tama ka, hehehe!

    Can't go half naked since I don't have the body to show hahaha!

    You're absolutely right - that's the London Eye but my friends said it's an expensively boring ride so I skipped it.

  9. summer days at the park... they were great... frisbee, rollerblading & just simply chilling on the grass.. reminds me of when i used to hang out at hyde park.... green park's really huge and i liked that park too


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