Paddling On A Pond

It's past 12 noon, we've been kayaking for almost three hours and our stomachs were empty. Inside my daypack was some Hopia and a bag of chips -all the food we got- but it's tucked in the kayak's compartment behind where I'm sitting. I pulled into one of these huge rocks jutting out in the lake shore to retrieve our precious cargo. My companions Jenny, Minette and Tatum followed suit, happy for a bit of rest. We shared whatever little food we got, hoping on a more substantial refuel after Chris comes back to pick us up at our launching point. We scanned the view around us - the lake just in front and the forest fringing it - and declared this a great location for camping.

Earlier in the day, Chris - who works for Great Blue Outfitters - drove all four of us from their office in Patterson (about two hours north of New York City) to White Pond for our kayaking adventure. White Pond, which used to be a city reservoir, is now managed by New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation. We were given the choice of either paddling this or paddling the nearby Croton River. We chose the lake and didn't regret doing it. What we did regret is not bringing enough food. In our hasty preparation, we discounted what could have been a great picnic on a lake shore as we merely planned on eating in a restaurant later on.

But we really shouldn't complain on an almost cloudless, sunny June sky. With only the sounds of the water, the wind and the birds to accompany us, our energies kept us going and going. There may have been other people kayaking and canoeing (with some fishing for the plentiful bass) but we're thankful enough not to hear the wailing firetrucks and the rumbling subways of Manhattan. The big city may only be some two hours away from here but it surely felt so far, far away.

Here's my little video of our watery escapade:


  1. Woooow! That's harcore paddling. I've only tried light kayaking in Club Manila East. Nonetheless, it caused much aches to my arms. ;)

  2. what a fab activity. i don't know if i'm able to sample this sport, but i've been thinking about trying for the longest time.

  3. just one of my favorite water activity. i can be with a kayak the whole day.

    when you come here, try to kayak in calayo batangas. one of the best place for kayaking.

    by the way the last photo is nice.

  4. whew...very nice...i also love kayaking. parang kahawig lang nung lugar kung san kami nagkayak..pero siyempre mas maganda dyan....3 hours? at tsaka hopia lang? hehe....ok na rin hehe...basta todo lang gala ok na! nakakabusog na mga sceneries !

  5. i like the 5th photo, dennis.

    though i'm not the sporty type, this reminds me that i haven't tried kayaking yet. looks like fun and relaxing despite the effort of paddling.

    sarap naman ng baon na hopia at chips!

  6. That is a very awesome place! I should visit Upstate New York sometime, there seems to be plenty of places that are interesting.

  7. awesome place. barely two hours from a busy place? that's a great respite indeed.

  8. ang serene naman jan!
    and I agree, great camping + kayak activity yan. ganda ng place! Ü


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