Fleet Week 2010

While the men and women of the United States Marine Corp (USMC) came to town and painted it red, we ended up spending our Memorial Day visiting their very own floating turf. Most of the ships participating in the annual Fleet Week event were docked in Staten Island but the star attraction of them all was in Manhattan's Pier 88: the USS Iwo Jima. I know I've been on this ship last year but it was calling my name back to its cavernous belly. With two friends in tow, we stood in line on a really warm day to get another peek at what this branch of the United States armed forces does in times of war and peace. Ship ahoy!

it's a merry mix of sailors and civilian visitors up the gangplank

one of the two LCUs (Landing Craft Utility) used during amphibious operations

one of the armaments on display

this armoured vehicle gets swamped

M1A1 tank

getting to know more about military equipments and weapons

the 840-feet long flight deck with its assortment of helicopters

it's either you get roasted or your head gets severed

I finally get to sit on the cockpit of an AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter

a Dad inspects an AV-8B Harrier jet engine with son

a Marine poses on USS Iwo Jima's bow

Samantha Jones alert: sailor men looking for a date

let's explore Manhattan mate!

MRE's (meals ready to eat) are only for war zones.
Welcome back to New York guys!


  1. oh, wow, what an experience! and that's a cool shot you got there inside that helicopter, dennis!

  2. i like the first shot. i once had the chance to ride one but just from the philippine navy. a cruise from zamboanga city to dapitan.

    this one is huge as you can find a boat within a boat.

  3. i always wanted to see the interiors of a war ship. thanks for the trip.

  4. LOVE your blog!
    Special your paid tribute to Samantha Jones!!! too funny!!!!

  5. whoa, how cool is it to be on the flight deck! lucky you.

  6. Once in a blue moon experience! And you chronicled it so well for us. Btw, the length of the sailors' ribbons are not the same. I think that it would be a good idea to get a group like them to endorse eyewears. ;)

  7. i like the photo with a marine posing. this is a very nice experience i bet. :-) wow.

  8. nice! love your shots sir!!! galing...nice experience

  9. Wow that's a huge ship! The only ship I've been to was the USS Constitution in Boston, and also the one that became a museum in one of New York City's piers, whose name I am forgetting.


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