West Point Parade

Visiting a premier military academy like West Point is never complete without seeing actual cadets. Fortunately, school is not yet over and it was Kosciuszko Day during our visit. Which meant we not only get to see cadets up close but also get to see them during an actual review. At certain times during the academic year, cadets do have scheduled reviews and it is worth timing one's visit at West Point to coincide with any one of them.

In honor of Andrzej Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Polish military officer who helped build fortifications at West Point in 1778, a parade was held at the expansive grounds of the academy. It was very sunny last Saturday - in fact a hot 89 degrees Fahrenheit for a spring day in May that people came looking like we were in the middle of summer. Boy was I glad I brought my Columbia trekking hat with me!

Promptly at half past eleven in the morning, cadets in smart gray and white uniforms marched in unison as they came out from their barracks and into the open field. What a sight it was. These before us were the men and women of the United States Military Academy, emboldened by their motto Duty, Honor, Country. As the "Star Spangled Banner" was played - and everyone actually sang along - I felt so proud of their sacrifices to protect freedom in this great nation.

the crowd stands as the US flag passes by

statue of George Washington astride a horse looks upon his soldiers

The USMA Band plays "The Army Goes Rolling Around"

. . . "Then it’s Hi! Hi! Hey! The Army’s on its way". . .

one of the female skydivers on her way down

a perfect landing!


  1. clap clap clap for the perfect landing! hi joe! haha! :P

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've been to many places but West Point and PMA (in Baguio). I hope to see these places before visiting the nudie beaches I dreamed about when I was your age LOL.

  3. Awesome shots, I have never watched a parade on review as the military service men perform it (even my husband is in the military hehehe). I wish I could go to West Point too and to see those sky divers too ;-)

  4. Anonymous12:06:00 PM

    I get some chills just looking at this place.

  5. really really sharp shots! continues to remind me of baguio at a higher level.

  6. Anonymous4:05:00 AM

    Just to remind Missy... they are NOT all servicemen, but both male and female cadets.

  7. Wow...what a nice place to study !
    Very well maintained !

  8. Anonymous8:22:00 AM

    your photos are as glossy as west point's spic and span ambiance! great shots as usual, dennis!

  9. Love all the pictures! I am really in awe how you pot-processed your photos. The colors are perfect!

  10. Excellent! Does this parade open to the publics? Is it a free entrance? Thanks!

  11. Hi Micki,
    Parades @ West Point are open to the public. Check

  12. Very nice photos, so lively! Ang galing ng landing ha. =)


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