Cold Spring

Living in a big city can feel at times claustrophobic especially after a really hectic day at work. New York City for sure is already hectic as it is, with an energy that seems unabated no matter what time of the day. When you add a little breaking news like that stupid would-be bomber in Times Square, you get the idea that a nice quick get-away is all we need. My European trip may have been messed up by an erupting volcano last month but this one at least doesn't involve any flying close to Iceland. Just a little more than an hour by train from New York City is Cold Spring.

Cold Spring is a little village nestled on the banks of the Hudson River. It's one of those quiet, slow-paced American communities brimming with art galleries, antique shops, quaint cafes and plenty of 19th-century houses. One word says it all: charming. The main drag is Main Street - as American a name as hamburger, isn't it? We walked the few blocks and found ourselves instantly enamored by its artisanal feel. Our stress level dived down as we took a late lunch al fresco and watched the world go by slowly. Really slowly. Feels like a thousand miles away from Manhattan!

Iceland taunts me aboard the train

village hall

a traffic-free Main Street

one of the coffee shops

care for other's oldies ?

old suitcase for sale

old gasoline pumps

Cold Spring's skyline doesn't go up any higher than this church


  1. What a charming little town filled with eye catching building. It's so neatly preserved. I long to visit one of these small towns.

  2. good to know u took the opportunity to explore outside NY. i like the antique bag and old gasoline pumps... like a vintage town

  3. Anonymous7:49:00 AM

    with the sight of that poster inside the train, iceland is haunting you! hahaha!

    believe it or not, that old suitcase looks appealing to me!

    cold spring looks like one of those backlot villages in universal studios. truly a breather from a hectic city life for you.

  4. I love those houses! I love it when they have vivid and beautiful colours.

    Norwich Daily Photo is back online. Sorry I've been away so long. I look forward to your visit and your comments. See you soon!

  5. Very nice village! If you ever get the chance to go upstate, you should visit Canandaigua once, near a Finger Lake. It has the same aura, and it is close to the Sonnenberg Mansion as well, which is worth a visit.

  6. Good to get away from a busy city with an hour train ride.. Lovely and colorful small town!

  7. wow, vintage town. everyday's great for a photoshoot! Ü

  8. a very nice town there ya... totally different with the german historical town i have been to so far... hahaha

  9. very cool! i like these period towns.. there's one in central oregon called "Sisters". though sometimes the feel can take on an elitist air.. i still like it :P

  10. Nice town! very vintage... it's like living back in the early days... hehehehhehehe

  11. When I read your title I was thinking it's all about spring and flowers ;-). I thought NY is all skyscrapers hehehe, nice small town but looks boring to me ;-) (just like here in our place hehehe) but I like the architectural designs of the houses.


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