Just like pilots before a flight, I do a pre-departure checklist for overseas trips. There are some things I want to do at least the night before setting off for the airport. Any other traveler I suppose would do the same thing. There are calls to make, bills to pay, letters to send, plugs to be pulled and thankfully, some of what I want to do can actually be accomplished with a few clicks on the mouse. Here are some of what I did:

  • turn off the ringer on my home phone (a constantly ringing phone tells people I'm not home)
  • turn on my Intermatic lamp timer (tells people I'm home at night)
  • call the bank/credit card companies for use of my debit/credit card abroad (I need money, duh!)
  • check weather forecast at my destination via www.weather.com
  • hold delivery of my mail through www.usps.com (a bulging mailbox announces I'm not home)
  • email travel insurance to my next of kin
  • email emergency contacts to myself (a back-up to what's in my wallet)
  • photocopy my passport and keep a copy. I also scan and email it to myself as a back-up (losing a passport won't be a big hassle if you have some proof)
  • online check-in for my flight right now (it's 24 hours before my flight and it saves me the hassle of queueing at a check-in counter. Lines to security checkpoints at JFK would be a different story!)
Now that all these things are done, I'm all set to be gone for the next two weeks.


  1. Have a fun vacation!

  2. very nice quick list!
    can i re-post your list to our site (credit back to you of course)?


  3. i also email important documents to myself; it's a safer way of keeping them rather than bringing a USB or an external drive on trips... have a safe, FUNtastic travel, dennis! =)

  4. Have a safe and fantastic trip. Bring home tons of stories and pix.

  5. Naku, I had a super dumb moment in two of my flights years ago. I misread the time of departure. The first one I arrived too early at the destination (other country), the other one I was almost late at boarding gate. Hope these won't happen again. Have a safe trip!

  6. Great list for quick checking before travel! Also remember to inform newspaper agent to stop delivering everyday so it won't stack up to announce your absence or, tell someone to collect it from your mailbox everyday.

  7. I do the same as well. Try to pay the bills and always have a photo copy of my passports :D

    Have a safe travel Nomadic Pinoy! Will be watching out for more of your adventures :)

  8. where are we heading to this time? Love reading your blogs pare...

  9. sidney11:46:00 AM

    It is easy to see that you are an experienced and wise traveler !
    Enjoy your holidays !

  10. another travel that we'll be looking forward to see. looks like you've been enjoying your life with great travels whether in philippines or there. astig ka!

  11. The Nomadic Pinoy11:12:00 AM

    Egypt. Just having problems uploading my photos while on the road thus this delay in my entries.

  12. The Nomadic Pinoy11:12:00 AM

    Thanks Bert!

  13. The Nomadic Pinoy11:13:00 AM

    Of course, please do.

  14. The Nomadic Pinoy11:13:00 AM

    Salamat Doc Gelo. Has been late with my entries due to uploading problems!

  15. The Nomadic Pinoy11:15:00 AM

    Thanks Photo Cache. I'm trying to get my stories but since I did not bring my laptop on this trip, I'm having problems uploading photos.

  16. The Nomadic Pinoy11:15:00 AM

    Thanks Witsandnuts!

  17. The Nomadic Pinoy11:16:00 AM

    I actually don't subscribe to newspapers as I read them online but that's still a good tip to those who do. Thanks!

  18. The Nomadic Pinoy11:17:00 AM

    Salamat Ferdz. It's a bit of a headache uploading my photos since I didn't bring my laptop with me kaya I'm so delayed with my entries.

  19. The Nomadic Pinoy11:18:00 AM

    Egypt. Thanks Beancounter!

  20. The Nomadic Pinoy11:18:00 AM

    I'm still learning to be wise ha ha ha. Thanks Sidney!

  21. The Nomadic Pinoy11:20:00 AM

    Salamat Dong. I'm late with my entries for this trip because of photo uploading problems and I didn't bring my laptop with me.

  22. I just read your entire Egypt & Amsterdam trip backwards! Loved it!

  23. So where are you headed for this next adventure? Somewhere warm and sunny I hope, in contrast to here in NY.


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