In San Francisco's Lombard Street, eight hairpin turns comprise what's considered the most crooked street in the world. The distinction might be questioned by some but the switchbacks do have sharp bends to require a driver's full attention. While cruising at a maximum speed of 5 miles/hour, tourists enjoy a fleeting moment at this quarter of a mile long section, snapping blurry shots of their experience.

A gardener meanwhile tends to a plot of hydrangeas. Ever since a local resident decided on planting these flowers back in the 1950's, the block became increasingly popular and more tourists began to drive down the one-way street.

There's a tight parking space just for one . . . a hatchback.

At the end of the crooked section, two visitors make their way up.

From the top of the block, visitors take a closer view through the 250 steps or so on either side.


  1. wow... you captured crooked place nicely... my pictures turned out not so good... heehee! parang nasa garden lang ako nun

  2. I agree with Aline, galing ng mga kuha mo.

    I must admit that while I have driven past this place many times, I have not attempted to take those hairpin turns.

    Happy Holidays pala. BTW, current ba to? Are you Christmasing in the bay?

  3. Anonymous9:50:00 PM

    The view is awesome, but I'd be scared to park there!

    I once visited the "steepest" street in the world in NZ - weird streets in this world!

  4. Hi Aline,
    The first time kasi, I was in a car kaya nahirapan akong kumuha ng photo. Thanks.

    Hi Photo Cache,
    How I wish to celebrate Christmas in CA again kasi di masyado malamig dyan but I took these photos a week ago. I'm back in NY.

    Hi Zhu,
    It does take a special attention to be able to park safely in those steep streets.

  5. Anonymous8:09:00 AM

    wow, lombard street! so do we expect more of sanfo on this series? nice shots, dennis. =)
    ...i'm missing union square, macy's, japanese garden, ghirardelli, fisherman's wharf, the breeze from the ocean, the golden gate that's actually made up of red cables, ahhh, san francisco!!!

  6. my picture of the crookedest (if there is such a word) street shows me with this biggest grin of my life. it was amazing how something i used to see in postcards was right there before me.

    i love san francisco. it's one of my favorite cities.

  7. First photo was most well-captured. =) I remember when one of my closest friends migrated there last year and had one of her earlier visits there. She sent pictures and I was imagining the kind of driving to do.

  8. If you didn't mention that this is a street, I'd thought it's just a driveway to ones house. But I think I've seen this before in a movie.

  9. awesome!

    i saw these on lovely day, a show on GMA 7 and it amazed me, really.

  10. Wow! This is truely the most crooked road I have ever seen! Can't believe they had such an idea.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. the famous lombard street! i didn't know that you can actually park on some parts of the street. nice!

  12. interesting! I'll read your vietnam and cambodia posts pag malapit na travel dates ko for these countries. Cheers! Ü

  13. Hi Docgelo,
    It was actually a short visit kaya I didn't have as much photos as I would want to. Back to NY na ako.

    Hi Atticus,
    I wouldn't be surprised if you had the biggest grin - you made it there!

    Hi Witsandnuts,
    I can't imagine myself driving on this street.

    Hi BlogusVox,
    Yes, there were movies that were partly shot at Lombard St. I just can't remember the names.

    Hi Poot,

    Hi Cecil,
    You're welcome.

    Hi Dong,
    That parking spot must be for one of the property owners there.

    Hi Chyng,
    Thanks. Enjoy ka sa trip ninyo!

  14. Very nice street! I saw those in photos once, but never had the chance to visit it when I was in San Francisco. I really should plan a visit for tourism this time.

  15. Wow they are sure a driver, they even park a car of the crooked street.


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