Siargao Island

sunset beauty

Surigao City was in a festive mood as locals were celebrating Bonok-bonok Festival but I was not there for that. I was on my way to Siargao Island. From the bus terminal where I was dropped off by the Philtranco bus I took from Davao, I flagged down a multi-cab to the pier. There's a ferry leaving in less than an hour and I was desperate to catch it. Meanwhile, newspapers were still full of survivor's stories on the recent Superferry sinking. Ouch.

may angels guide this boat

Luck was with me, the Fortune Angels ferry wasn't full. I paid 150 pesos for a seat in the airconditioned section. Cheap as it was, I see the ferry company hasn't spared expense on life vests and life rafts. My life after all isn't worth 150 pesos. For a trip that will last about 3 hours, I was confident we'll make it to Dapa, Siargao's main port of entry.

porthole view

Two Jean-Claude Van Damme movies later, we sailed slowly into Dapa. As soon as I got off the boat, I saw this small table on the pier that says Tourists Register Here. A lady gave me a map and advised me on how much to pay a motorbike - called habal habal in this island. Out at the gate, various people waited for disembarking passengers hoping to get some business. I spotted one motorbike driver named Jovert and just like what the lady told me (and Lonely Planet Philippines for that matter), I was quoted 150 pesos for a trip to my accommodation of choice.

refueling at a 'gasoline station'

LP Philippines recommended Ocean 101 Beach Resort, a place it says is where many of the visiting surfers stay. It's tucked away from General Luna or GL as locals say it, about half an hour away from Dapa. We drove on paved roads until GL, a small town with mostly dirt roads. There are several resorts based in GL itself that's listed in the book but since I wanted to be close to the surfing action - even if I don't ride the waves - I chose Ocean 101 Resort.

At the resort, I was told there's an available fan room for 1,100 pesos a night. One of the girls showed me a beach-front room which is actually their aircon room with a ceiling fan. Giving her a confused look, the girl explained "Hurot na man gud among fan room mao nga ipagamit na lang namo ni sa imo. Ayaw lang gamita ang aircon kay 2,000 pesos na." ("We ran out of fan rooms but we're letting you use this. Don't use the aircon or else you'll pay 2,000 pesos"). Oh, a little upgrade with a huge clean bathroom and a great view outside is something I can't complain about.

laid back


  1. nice pics!! love Siargao, been there twice and will return. Are u going to Sohoton Cove? It's really nice there.

  2. That photo through the hole is nice. Your last photo tells us you're having a serene time there.

    PS. The coca cola bottles made me smile. So Philippines.

  3. twice na yatang starring ang iyong mga paa heehheh. enjoy surfing!

  4. Buti ka pa nakarating na kaw sa siargao. It's one of the best travel destination dito sa Pinas lalo na kung surfing ang pag-uusapan. More photos please. Gnada kasi

  5. Ahahahahhaha... galing naman... gala ka rin ng gala... jijijijiji... part ba yan ng work mo o gala lang talaga?! jijijijiji... kung work mo yan...swerte mo naman... jijijijiji

  6. ferry boat ride, P150

    lonely planet philippines book, $/P__?

    having your legs crossed leisurely with a tropical view....priceless. :)

  7. Hey Nomad, you're in the Philippines, Nice! The resort looks awesome, enjoy and bon voyage.

  8. That looks like a nice adventure...Jean-Claude Van Damme movies... you can't go wrong with that... :-)

    I see that I still have to discover a lot in the Philippines...

    Nice travel account + great pictures... soon you can start your own guide book.

  9. All I can say is - wow (nomadic) legs!

  10. dennis,
    ang ganda ganda dyan, feel ko na tuloy umuwi sa atin. pero pinag-iisipan ko pang maigi.
    take care and enjoy.

  11. Feels like you're in heaven!

  12. Hi Marites,
    I would have wanted to but I don't have time unfortunately.

    Hi Witsandnuts,
    Totoo, sa Pilipinas nga lang natin nakikita yung softdrink bottles na may gasolina.

    Hi r-yo,
    Ha ha ha, oo nga. Paa ko lang, wala na yung mukha. Di ako nag-surfing.

    Hi Redlan,
    Next feature ko yung Cloud Nine tsaka yung tatlong islands/islets doon.

    Hi Xprosaic,
    It's not work-related, sinadya ko talagang bistahin ang Siargao.

    Hi Fortuitous Faery,
    Oh yes, there's nothing like kicking your shoes and just chilling out in a tropical beach with your legs up.

    Hi Angelo,
    Yup I'm here, thanks!

    Hi Sidney,
    Ha ha ha, I don't know about writing a guide book - don't know too much about the Philippines.

    Hi Noel,
    Ayaw kasi ipakita ang mukha ha ha!

    Hi Mel,
    Kauuwi mo lang, di ba? But I can't blame you kung na-miss mo ulit ang Pilipinas.

    Hi Twin,
    Yes I am!

  13. lovely pics :) one thing i notice though...are these areas really that clean? or you just edit out the litters? :-D

  14. The Nomadic Pinoy10:20:00 PM

    No, they were not edited at all. I just happen to frame my shots without the usual litter you find in certain big cities in the Philippines. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Nice pictures! One think I like going to Siargao is its laid back atmosphere, in contrast to its adventurous activities that you can do, such as surfing, diving or snorkeling. This is the only place that I got to eat a freshly caught lobster, it was mouth watery tasty.

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