Blogging Before Flying

In a busy airport like JFK, it's rare to find a relaxing spot just before a long flight. For us flying the cattle class, this usually means the congested, noisy corral of the pre-departure waiting areas. But thanks to my Marco Polo membership with Cathay Pacific, I'm given access to a lounge where privileged passengers are pampered in a more genteel manner. There's food, wine, a spa and hooray, free Wi-Fi for me to spend working on this entry. As I still have two hours to wait before boarding my Hong Kong-bound flight, I thought of killing the time by discreetly taking photos inside this enclave.

The lounge I'm talking about is the British Airways Terraces Lounge, also used by Cathay Pacific for its JFK operations. True to the design of its flagship lounge at London's Heathrow, the Terraces Lounge is a great antidote to the stress of long-haul flights. The colors are subdued, the lighting is muted and the seating arrangements uncluttered. People talked in hushed tones and none of those wailing toddlers around. If there are two things I don't like, it's got to be the low ceilings and the lack of windows to the world outside. But given that the lounge does make you feel relaxed, I always love coming back here whenever I fly Cathay Pacific or British Airways.


  1. Anonymous12:44:00 AM

    lucky you, dennis!
    a great lounge indeed!
    nice captures too!
    ...so are we expecting new posts about HK soon?

  2. Lucky you. May special treatment courtesy of Cathay Pacific. Killing time ba to before the flight. AYun nga nabasa ko.

    Great photos and happy trip!

  3. i've tried Cathay Pacific airline a number of times and the service are truly superb. but this special service they are given for waiting passenger like u (who like me hates crowd)..is something i looked upto..I jst wondered if they tie up with airports here, had since dubai got huge corners and facility..

    looking forward for ur comeback,..with more great pieces with u. have a safe travel ahead :)

  4. huwaw pards, mukhang magandang lugar ang mapapasyalan natin..(teka nakiki-natin ako.he he he)

  5. ahhh....the travails of a traveller:) and I so envy you and the privileges you get unlike the ones we get from the cattle class (can't help but grin on that description, btw.) I wonder in what lifetime will I be able to get this privilege? Kakainggit:)

  6. hi dennis ? where to this time? anyway, have fun wherever you are ! Sama naman kami minsan !

  7. Wow, that is sooo coool.. I'd like to travel to different places as well.. I hope I could try and visit this lounge some day.. :) I'm following your blog.. :)

  8. I liked the shot of wineglasses. I'm loyal to Cathay Pacific. =)

  9. welcome back. so sad though that we didnt meet but let's schedule again on your way back to manila.

  10. hi Docgelo,
    I'm actually going to the Philippines.

    Hi Redlan,
    Parelax lang muna bago lumipad.

    Hi Josh,
    Don't you just love Cathay's very attentive flight attendants? Just that alone makes me love flying the airline.

    Hi Everlito,
    Oo nga, maganda ang lokasyon ko ngayon, nasa Pilipinas!

    Hi Marites,
    Malay mo, babyahe ka rin in the near future. Darating din yan.

    Hi Gemma,
    I'm in the Philippines. Sama ka nga kahit vicariously lang through my story/photos.

    Hi Angel,
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Hi Witsandnuts,
    Glad to hear there's another loyal Cathay fan.

    Hi Dong,
    I was so knuckered out from the long trip I didn't stay long at the Travel Mart. I didn't get to meet LoneRider, another blogger.

  11. I tried the Cathay lounge here in Manila on my way to HK because a high school friend works in that airline so she kinda let me "trespass" the place to have my free breakfast. But your lounge is so sophisticated and sossy hahaha...quite an opposite in this side of the world. Lucky you! :)


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