Arrive In Better Shape

I badly need one!

Long-haul flights do really wear out our bodies very easily. Lack of sleep and lack of mobility on a 16 hour flight took its toll on me as I stumble haggardly early in the morning at The Pier - one of Cathay Pacific's business class lounges at Chep Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong. I didn't even go to the food section where I always order a bowl of wonton soup whenever I'm here. All I needed was just a cool, refreshing shower. I headed straight there and the shower attendant, gracious as always, escorted me right away to one of the several shower rooms available.

the shower room

one of The Pier's seating areas

Once I closed the door, I felt a relief in my seclusion. The bathroom has proven itself again to be a pleasant escape in this humongous airport. Equipped with a rain shower head and Dermalogica skin care products, it is another way of pampering Cathay Pacific and other One World alliance passengers. Arrive In Better Shape used to be Cathay Pacific's advertising campaign. Since I can't afford flying First Class on Emirates A380 with its onboard showers, a shower inside a connecting airport at least can help me achieve that.


  1. great to know that! ill anticipate your davao posts.

  2. Anonymous3:52:00 AM

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I like what you do. Sana lang eh may limpak limpak na pera ako to do it myself. :)

  3. must have been quite a relief. happy flying.

  4. lavish amenities...

  5. Nice.. I hope there's a bath tub as well.. I'd soak myself for 5 hours..! ;)

  6. oh good for you! i dread long flights and stopovers, too. unfortunately i flew economy to/from europe a few months ago, and had no accesss to lounges. i had to make do with washing my face and brushing my teeth in the common ladies' bathroom sink. egh :) anyway welcome to the philippines!!!!

  7. I'll try to check this next time. The last time I stopped over (2 hours) was spent mainly spent online, dimsum checking, and in the bookshop.

  8. i dang guess ur really tired in ur long flight. txs to that special service, that only lucky few coul d get..

    ur one lucky nomad. i should try it for myself when i get there.


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