Street Fest


Have you thought about outdoor shopping and eating? Manhattan already has a dizzying number of shops and restaurants but on scheduled weekends from spring to fall, certain streets in New York City are closed to vehicular traffic and turned into street fairs. Sponsored by neighborhood block associations, a New York street fair looks like a huge flea market/garage sale rolled into one. It stretches for several blocks with stalls on both sides of what has become a pedestrian street. Today's street fair we visited was the annual Sixth Avenue Festival that ran from West 23rd to West 33rd Street.


People came out this sunny Saturday with their wallets and enjoyed the carnival atmosphere. Bargain hunters walked the walk to splurge on cheap t-shirts and shawls, pillows and underwear, trinkets and kitchen gadgets, hats and funky jewelry, posters and CDs, and various kitschy stuff. All that leg work of course led to hunger which led many noses to the many food stands brimming with flavors from different countries. From burritos to kebabs to Pad Thai, there's plenty for hungry stomachs to choose from. With more street festivals like this scheduled in other areas of the city in the weeks to come, there's always a good reason to go out - spend some, eat some, why not?



  1. Jacko will forever be remembered. Thanks for sharing these pics Dennis.


  2. i can see that a lot of people will earn extra incomes by selling jacko items.

    recession shopping indeed!

    regarding our banaue trip, yes batad and bontoc is on our itinerary.

  3. hi dens, txs for keeping me posted...and for sharing the pics and stories out-there in the big A..

    i was amused... i never thought, Manhattan, or rather NY's into flea market too? UAE, it seems never had one..well, theres a global village festival happening during jan to feb..

    is that stall from thailand a hit..they got good stuff and fruits which are reasonably price, right..im sure the late MJ's a fave as well..

    rgds dear bro. more of these...

  4. I suddenly miss those carameralized apples from San Fo Treats in Makati. And the sweet corn, too.

  5. Hi Pasyalera,
    Thanks too for visiting!

    Hi Dong,
    Jackson's death - knowing how popular he is - is an opportunity for some entrepreneurs to earn cash. Enjoy your trip to Ifugao!

    Hi Josh,
    Who knows, Dubai will soon have street fairs as well? The Emirates is known for staging elaborate events so a street fair is just a piece of cake.

    Hi Witsandnuts,
    I've seen these glorified apples a lot but has never actually eaten one.


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