Cathay Pacific: Introduction

I've done quite a few reviews of previous flights en route to various destinations  but this will be the first time I'm doing them by segments in true "trip report" fashion. So bear with me as I go on one flight at a time. This is to thoroughly evaluate my experiences especially since it is actually the first time I'm flying business class in all segments (not counting the few "operational upgrades" I was given by Cathay Pacific in the past).

As I have mentioned in another post, I got a windfall of 100,000 British Airways (BA) miles through a very generous offer from Chase last year. At the time, BA hasn't yet devalued their miles into what's now known as Avios. Based on their old awards chart, a premium redemption from New York to anywhere in South East Asia was only 100,000 miles. Since Cathay is a partner of BA, that was a no-brainer for me.

With a looming devaluation up in the horizon, I booked the tickets without even being sure I'd get approved for a vacation. The cost was $375 in taxes. A return business class ticket on Cathay from JFK-HKG-MNL usually cost more than $10,000! Had I dilly-dallied, the miles needed now for redeeming that business class ticket would cost me a hefty 140,000 Avios miles.

What's really exciting for me on this trip is finally trying the new premium seats, replacing the much-maligned herringbone arrangement (some flights I heard still use them). The seat converts into a full flat bed and that is one earthly comfort I really want on an ultra-long haul flight. I might not even need Melatonin to help me sleep!


  1. I'm usually of the persuasion that I'd rather use my miles to head to new destinations on economy, instead of higher-class upgrades, but nevertheless, this trip of yours sounds quite awesome!

  2. Jeruen,
    I have done coach redemptions as well, such as on trips to Bolivia & Morocco, but three things played in my decision this time - cost per mile value, the devaluation of BA miles and experiencing a new product of a fave airline. What's also to be considered is the fact that irregardless of class redemption, the tax remains $375.
    In the end, valuing miles really boils down to what makes anyone happy.

  3. interesting. you do know how to find bargains. am i to assume you're back in the native land sipping coke from plastic bag?

  4. The ads looks so confy. Anyway, welcome back to Mnl if and when :)

  5. Photo Cache,
    perhaps I might do that again, especially in the more remote parts of the islands!

    Thanks...Manila's just for transit. Davao is home.

  6. Great post. could you tell me where i could find cheap business class flights?


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