The High Line

A riot of green growing through an abandoned railroad track

A month since the second section of the High Line opened to the public, this elevated park has become a huge hit among visitors and locals alike. When the first section (from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street) opened two years ago, it was already welcomed by New Yorkers yearning for another green lung. I myself went back again and again, mostly bringing along first timers. Now that the park has doubled it's length to a mile long all the way to 30th Street, there's more reason for park goers to stay active. That is, by strolling above the busy streets.

Besides the obvious benefit of walking, visitors will get to appreciate the park's abundant display of flowering plants and vegetation designed to grow as if in a self-seeded landscape. What remains of the old train tracks weave in and out seamlessly unto the walkways, with the ingenious design creating a distinct nod to its previous life. Art is encouraged and there are even temporary art installations and exhibits to further amplify the emerging beauty of the surrounding neighborhood.

As a product of effective 'reuse and recycle', the High Line's domino effect has become apparent - the whole neighborhood in the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea, Clinton & Hell's Kitchen - has seen a renaissance in real estate development, even making the "green" movement as hip as ever. What used to be a boring part of the city has now been revitalized with great restaurants, high-end shops, art galleries and soon, a branch of the Whitney Museum.

From being an abandoned elevated freight railway to an oasis of greenery in a bustling city, the High Line is definitely an attractive alternative to the usual sights of Gotham.

Undeveloped remaining portion on West 30th Street. Across the Hudson River is New Jersey


  1. I was there with my sister last June! We went to Coney Island to watch the Mermaid Parade and then went to the High Line. It was awesome! I loved the concept of walking above ground. There were plenty of people when we visited, it was quite popular!

  2. These shots are really awesome! :)
    I wish there was something like this here in the Philippines. I'd love to shoot a video at a place like this. :)

  3. i wish theyll do more of that here. just recently when i had the chance to go to the 4th floor of greenbelt 5, a large area of its flooring are plants. another example is also sm north edsa. i hope that not only malls should have this kind of spots.

  4. what a laudable program. wise use of space. i sure hope more urban landscape follow this example.

  5. I really like this and I agree with Photo Cache.. i really wish this can be replicated in Manila and other Philippine urban areas. I'll be in ecstasy if that happens. For now, they'll have to make do with the malls with pocket parks. Great shots. I should check this out once I get to NY. have a good weekend!

  6. there's so many layers going on in the first picture and i love the lines/geometry. Really great pics and pretty flowers. Sounds like a really great place. Especially for a foodie like me ;) I still need to visit NY.

  7. Arceli Alegadᚐ1:01:00 PM

    oh, im gonna tell my mom! :) thanks for this. i got another thing to check in NYC hehehe

  8. Jeruen,
    oh, you're back from your Philippine vacation. The only downside for now is that too many people visit it especially during the weekends.

    Angel of Mayhem,
    I was hoping to do just that but I guess that will be next time.

    dong ho,
    If I'm not mistaken, there was also a Manila mayor back then who tried to convert one street in Manila as pedestrian walkway complete with plants and flowers.

    Photo Cache,
    this project was actually inspired from the one in France so I think it won't hurt to replicate the idea everywhere.

    So much of available space in major cities in the Philippines have been eaten up by malls and subdivisions - hopefully, they incorporate more green areas in developing their projects.

    Very observant pair of eyes you got! that was indeed the reason for framing that shot.

    Arceli Alegadᚐ,
    Hope to see you back in NYC!

  9. Is it well lit at night?

  10. it isn't surprising that this place is usually packed on weekends; the sight is refreshing with all the lush greens and colorful blooms!
    thanks for the free tour, less the hassle of having a visa to go there haha!

  11. Urban jungles need lots of trees, plants and flowers. Sana ganito rin sa Maynila.

  12. bertN,
    Haven't been there at night time so I really don't know.

    I'm sure you're very capable of getting any visa to any country you wish to visit. Drop by here and I'll show this to you.

    Pinay Travel Junkie,
    It's a big project that needs a lot of private donations - this one in New York materialized in great part due to private funding!

  13. wow, really nice to see green amidst the concrete jungle! awesome way to promote that nature is still the way to go! :D

  14. Ah, very true. I guess the novelty hasn't worn out yet. Being a brand new installation, everyone and their mom seems to want a piece of it.

  15. We need more of this greenery in our cities, very creative and practical.


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