Yesterday, I was already checked-in for my Cathay Pacific flight using a system that's been around for some time - mobile check-in. I thought of using this before on an American Airlines flight but really has never done it until my curiosity got the better of me. It's actually easy and very convenient - I even managed to change my seat a few rows up front! This I believe is one way for airlines to really streamline the process of flying.

At check-in, whenever there are scanners available, all one has to do is flash the bar code  appearing on the mobile unit and voila, you're ready to go. Unfortunately at JFK, Cathay Pacific don't have the machines as yet so I went to the designated lane for bag drop-off (where there's no queue) and in a matter of minutes, I was handed a traditional boarding pass and the lounge access. 

Terraces Lounge at JFK

While waiting for my flight at the British Airway's Terraces lounge (which Cathay Pacific is using), I finally got to work on my laptop after hurrying from work earlier this evening, picking up my luggage and getting on a car for the half-hour ride to JFK. I've got a 18-hour flight ahead of me which, as you can just imagine, is one that's going to test my butt again. In the meantime, I'll let the red wine do the trick later and hope I get a good snooze up on the air.


  1. I am not so tech savvy and I must confess I miss the good old times when flying was still fun...
    Now you are considered a potential terrorist, the check in and safety procedures are a pain in the ass. If I could I would really skip the flying part of a travel.

  2. so jealous - ur traveling again.

    i would have to see if this is an option the next time i travel.

  3. Anonymous5:16:00 AM

    haven't tried checking in via mobile but on my last trip from kota kinabalu to kuala lumpur, i've done self-check in via a computer kiosk of air asia.

    and you are traveling again! can i get into your shoes? :)

  4. Sidney,
    if only we could go back to pre-9/11 days of flying. sadly, things have really changed.

    Photo Cache,
    you'll be traveling yourself before you know it maria.

    sure doc gelo, my traveling shoes can accommodate more people :)

  5. mobile check in! whoa! impressive. i hope this will soon be available in the Philippines.

  6. Anonymous3:24:00 PM

    Good thing the airlines guys are doing out there. Down here, it's quite a mess, but I guess they'll get better at it (or at least I hope).. Nice DOF in the picture btw..

  7. This is so convenient, wish ganito na rin sa mga Airlines natin :)

  8. dong ho,
    I have a feeling that Cebu Pacific will lead the way with this.

    Visioplanet Photography,

    lakwatsera de primera,
    I'm sure they're looking at this technology, especially Cebu Pac.


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