Perito Moreno Glacier

The sounds were loud enough they might as well be exploding firecrackers on a New Year's eve celebration. This is how Mama Nature belts out a tune, at least, here in the Argentinean side of Patagonia. Before a captivated audience perched safely on viewing walkways, Perito Moreno Glacier performs just like a diva as it calves itself down into the frigid waters of Lago Argentino. And she never fails to impress, day after day. Seeing this glacier has been one of the reasons why I was so eager on visiting Patagonia.

Perito Moreno Glacier is massive but it's actually just one fingertip in the whole Southern Patagonian Ice Field (considered the 4th largest after Greenland and the two poles). It's part of Los Glaciares National Park created by the Argentinean government in 1937 and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. Unlike many glaciers elsewhere, Perito Moreno is considered "stable" - one that's still advancing, instead of receding. It has "advanced" far enough through the years that it made contact with Peninsula Magallanes where visitors view it from a safe distance.

Sailing past the enormous face of Perito Moreno Glacier
The point at which the glacier makes contact with Peninsula Magallanes
A glacier that could fit a whole city on it

Just how big Perito Moreno Glacier is? At 97 square miles, it's big enough to fit the entire city of Buenos Aires on it. The glacier's terminus (or one directly facing the visitors) is 5 kilometers wide and soars about 60 meters above the water. Along a series of descending walkways, visitors get panoramic and close-up views of the glacier, with the added treat of seeing huge chunks of ice frequently cracking off and falling into the water. A truly spellbinding sight, a very unforgettable sound.


  1. Hi Nomadic! WOW!! This is my fifteen years long dream... But one day, rather sooner than later, I'll be there... ;)

    Have a Happy and Successful New Year!! Wish you all the best!!
    Horus and Sobek wait for you at Kom Ombo… ;)

  2. How cold is the weather there? I am amazed that the ice block doesn't melt, and stays solid like that. That's a very impressive sight to see! By the way, it's not Egypt. Guess again! :-P

  3. Awesome and unbelievable landscapes! Never fails to impress me.

    It will be a great pleasure to travel to these places with you. Institusyon ka eh.. ^-^

  4. Anonymous8:53:00 PM

    Awesome photos....I'm impress.
    Happy New Year & Happy Travels!

  5. wow..amazing!! you're lucky to visit this awesome place. great shots too!

  6. That's as close as one gets to a glacier without being on it! Fantastic! Happy New Year and keep on traveling.

  7. WOW! Grabe nagulat ako sa laki ng mga glaciers! Ako sa mga pictures lang nakakakita ng ganyan pero ikaw, personal na. Astig! Apir!! :)

    Happy New Year to you!! :) More travels pa ba ang wish ko? Eh parang naikot mo na ata ang mundo eh ahihihi :)

    All the best this 2011! :)

  8. it the first photos i thought its not that huge but when i saw the photo with the boat, whoa! amazing to have seen it there i imagine those sounds.

    by the way... perito moreno means high breed dog. not sure. but it sounds like that.

  9. I wonder if I can stand the cold there. I bet I can't! haha

    Anyway, just dropping by to greet you a Happy New Year and thank you as well for always sharing us your wonderful adventures and great photos. They're so great that it made me subscribed to your blog a long time ago. :)


  10. wow!!!!!!

    I've seen the one in alaska and I was already awestruck.

    Happier New Year.

  11. Trotter,
    I'd like to see you go there soon so I can see & read your own perspective of this awesome destination. Happy new year too!

    it was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit up on the viewing walkways the day I was there. It's much much colder while walking on it - but that's another story. As for your destination, I'm guessing it's either Honduras or Guatemala.

    kahit sa Pilipinas lang Chyng, you're one of the few bloggers I'd like to travel with. I can already see FUN.

    thanks for the visit.

    maraming salamat. Happy new year & more travels to you in 2011.

    I do hope to travel more but of course that all depends on my liquidity level. magastos kasi haha!

    ang dami pang dapat bisitahin - pera at oras lang talaga ang problema. sana manalo na ako sa lottery :) happy new year!

    dong ho,
    oh, didn't know that other meaning. "Perito" is actually not a name of a person but rather a title that signifies someone who is an expert in their field, this according to a book I read. The glacier was named after Francisco "Perito" Moreno. an Argentine scientist.

    kaya mo naman basta naka-layers ka lang.
    Ikaw naman, isa ka na ring alamat among the Philippine-based female adventurers, the few that I read along with Chyng, Nina, et al. Happy new year Gael!

    Photo Cache,
    I'm dreaming to see the glaciers in Alaska one day! Just hoping I could bag an award air ticket so it'll be more affordable.

  12. Solved na ako sa unang photo, madami pa pala. WOW!!! Sobrang ganda!!!

  13. Anonymous1:39:00 AM

    tagos ang ginaw mula sa mga larawan!
    the place, the photos and the post are just amazing!

  14. Rizalenio,
    Maraming salamat! Happy new year.

    tagos nga sa ginaw pero nakayanan ko pa rin hehe! would love to do it again Doc.

  15. The photos are all breathtaking! hayyyyy and WOW! hehehe....your first photo was stunning and can't describe my feelings when I first saw it though I was too late to see this post...I have to leave a comment hehehe.....awesome, magnificent and all adjectives that I can describe your photos hehehehe! and thanks for bringing us to Perito Moreno Glacier....you're such a lucky person! inggit ako hehehe

  16. wow napakaganda naman jan.. at napakalamig din.. nakakainggit! :)


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