Baked Apple!

Kids enjoy playing with water at
the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center

It is not yet August but these past three days has been quite hot and humid not just in New York City but for most of the Northeast. Last Tuesday was the worst, topping at a searing 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 degrees Celsius). That's the hottest I've experienced since moving into this city 8 years ago. Even a visiting Queen Elizabeth II must have been happy she was only in the Big Apple for 5 hours last Tuesday. New Yorkers normally love the outdoors but it's one of those days when weary workers actually enjoyed being inside the confines of airconditioned cubicles. Those without ACs at home end up hitting the malls and movie theaters - who says only Pinoys do that in the Philippines? Or better yet, many decided to hit the city's many public pools - they're free and very accessible.

Where I work is just two blocks away from one of these - at the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I decided to spend the rest of my lunch break today at this park just as I'm wont to do during summer and see again how blessed New Yorkers are for such things as public pools and parks. As I sat on one of the benches under the shade of towering trees, I could clearly see where my tax money went. It also helps having such a great mayor as Mike Bloomberg doing what's in the best interest of New Yorkers. And what's not to love about a public recreation center that, besides the pool and the open space, also provides free fitness and game rooms, after-school programs, senior programs and exercise classes? Just thinking about all these freebies for New Yorkers help me keep my cool despite the heat. Baked Apple, anyone?

The kiddie pool at the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center.
There's an adjacent deeper pool for adults (not pictured).

Kids getting ready to go back to their Day Care Center
after cooling themselves off in the pool

If only I wasn't working, I'd love to get wet under this cool sprinkler!

The heat wave is so enervating that some people
can't help but take a catnap even next to garbage can.

Meanwhile, in nearby Soho, the clothing shop Hollister
scream the day's weather as bare-chested store models
welcome shoppers and paparazzis alike.


  1. I hear about your horrible heat wave, it seems the Northeast gets at least one dose a year of that. Is there any relief in sight?

    Out west, in this bay area, our temps are really pleasant. I think this week we are getting up to low 70s.

    Hang in there. The best remedy is a bowl of ube ice cream :)

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  3. so that is where their taxes go. hope something like that happens here, but i doubt it 'coz even basic services are lacking. but still... im hoping. :)

  4. 39.4 degrees? That's really a horrible heat wave...
    It's 34 degrees here in Macau, I felt melt already!
    I don't swim, so I only can stay home with ar-con...

  5. My niece just returned to New York from a brief vacation here and the first thing she mentioned was the searing heat that greeted her. We have them, too. However, right now we are enjoying a pleasant weather.

  6. Wow. No wonder my sister impulse-bought a portable air conditioner, as she was complaining that Manhattan was like a big oven. In the meantime, here in Buffalo, my face is always in front of the boxfan.

  7. I initially thought you blogged about a real baked apple. ;) It's very humid here, too, although inside the house it's not noticeable at all. The Queen is visiting the UAE soon. I hope she will gracefully survive the heat and sandstorm.

  8. temperature reaching this high is not unusual to happen to any country. i also saw one lake in india where hundreds took a dip.

    but it's fun seeing those kids enjoy swimming.

  9. i like the first photo, so refreshing! ...ang init din pala dyan. gaya dito sa PI, it should be drizzle everyday but to no avail. dams are nearly at the critical levels once more because of lack of rain.

    your last photo on the other hand reminds me of my day in ginza where i saw the longest queue ever just to sneak in abercrombie and fitch 8(?)-floor building with chiseled bare-chest male models. 2 of my colleagues there waited their turn to go in the building, i didn't. i chose to breathe the air outside.

  10. i heard about the heat wave...
    hope you're ok (of course you are, haha)

    stay hydrated! ;-)


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