Spring Has Sprung

Cherry blossoms on a sunny Easter Sunday
with Memorial bridge in the background

The Obamas are not just the ones rejoicing in Washington, DC. This past Easter weekend, locals and visitors trooping into the capital city of the United States had a glorious weather to accompany the city's very popular yearly attraction - the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The sight of cherry blossom trees bursting in gorgeous colors of pink and white around the city's Tidal Basin is nature's colorful way of telling us that yes, spring is indeed here. Halfway around the world in Japan - the donor of these 1912 gifts of friendship - another riotous display of colors is underway.

This is not my first time to see the blossoms but I couldn't resist another visit. My good friend Richard came along with me. To coincide with the peak blooming period, this year's festival started last March 27 and will end on April 11. Traffic jam even on an Easter Sunday was something that didn't deter people from moving around - people walked, jogged, biked, kayaked. Or for those who simply want to ogle at the eye candy cherry blossoms, spreading the mat and having a picnic was the order of the day. As for me, I had a field day with my camera.

Many gather under the shade of cherry blossoms

While others do a picnic on park tables or simply spreading a mat.

Meanwhile, the active set go jogging . . .



Or busily clicking the day away with a camera.


  1. it's only now that i appreaciate spring since i visit some blogs based in the US. indeed a great time for people to go out and enjoy the climate and the view.

  2. i left tokyo last week with just beginning of the spring season there. but luckily for me i had clicked my point and shoot cam to a cherry blossom which i'll post soon on my site. you've got gorgeous shots here again, dennis. thanks for sharing.

  3. wow... yeah what a fascinating blossoms there... lucky i still had a nice easter here in frankfurt... though not many cherry trees... but at least better than none :)

  4. Going to DC for the cherry blossom festival remains an unfulfilled wish. But your post surely made me want to go even more.

  5. Oh wow! I miss the cherry blossoms. When we were living in Japan, there was a park right next to our apartment buildings that had plenty of those. I actually have walked underneath those cherry trees in DC next to the Tidal Basin, but that was back in December 2007, when all the cherry trees were stripped of their leaves and flowers.

  6. baka malaglag yung kumukuha ng picture sa huli. ayun oh!

    ganda pards!

  7. Thank you for letting us see the cherry blossom trees at their most beautiful through your camera.

  8. woah....it's really nice to see those trees and flower bloom in spring T_T meanwhile, we've got all kinds of crops dying from El Nino here..haha ..nice shots...will visit here often ^^

  9. Wow! That is beautiful !!!

  10. I love cherry blossoms. Your photos are all wonderful. Refreshing.

  11. Those cherry blossoms are truly lovely...and you have captured them in all its beauty with your masterful photography!

    Dennis Villegas

  12. very pretty.. u don't need to go to japan to see this... do u get this yearly?


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