Times Square

It's still 10 hours and 27 minutes before midnight strikes in New York but Times Square is already abuzz with revelers wanting to take their coveted spots - and patiently wait that long- for the biggest New Year's Eve party this side of the world. Meanwhile, folks in the Far East are already waking up to a new year, with many either nursing bad hang-overs or feeling giddy from having not slept at all.

On top of this towering building called One Times Square is an enlarged pole upon which a Waterford crystal ball with energy-efficient LED lights will be hoisted later at 6 PM and descend at 11:59 PM. The ball has remained a permanent "tourist" fixture at mid-point on the pole since early this year.

Part of NYPD's job is security and crowd control. This afternoon, policemen above start putting up barricades that will divide Times Square into sections where revelers will be allowed into. And once you're in, you lose your spot if you decide to go out and pee.

As part of security precautions, a man-hole gets sealed with something that looks like tar. Even garbage bins are removed. No one is allowed with backpacks or bags past security checkpoints. Security is definitely tight.

Corporate sponsors are doling out these for revelers to use ringing in the new year later. Even details such as air-worthiness of confetti to be used at midnight were tested yesterday.

These kids can not wait to become adults to experience the biggest party they could attend, never mind if it's a freezing 35 degree Fahrenheit tonight. Good luck on your bladders! I will be happy attending an indoor party tonight with a loo nearby.

Happy New Year!


  1. why do ny cops have the same body type? lol.

    must be a nice big party!

    happy new year, NP! :D

  2. OMG...and isn't it supposed to snow again tonight? new year's eve in times square is NOT for the FAINT OF BLADDER! haha...but it's surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that i have yet to scratch off my list.

    cheers to 2010!

  3. happy new year Dennis :-)

  4. Happy New Year! ;D

  5. happy new year! cheers to all nomadic pinoys & pinays. great blog.

  6. it's freezing cold but when you're surrounded with the sea of people before 12mn, it will be like room temperature, try sticking your hand up in the air though, kinda weird!

    happy new decade!


  7. Anonymous6:06:00 AM

    nice capture of that sealed man-hole. i think one of the must-experience new year's eve celebration is in your place! *envy* lucky you! happy new year, dennis! all the best for 2010!

  8. Tight security!

    I love the first photo, the blurring motion created an exciting sense of the upcoming celebrations!

    Ganda pala talaga sa Amerika, kailan kaya ako makarating dyan hehehe,

    Happy New Year, Tukayo!!

  9. Have a great travel year!!

  10. Seems like many gave up waiting till 12am for the New Year due to uncomfortable situation. Like my sis and her friend, they went there last year and waited at Times Sq since 4+pm but gave up due to the very very cold weather at 8plus. My sis said her feet were already numb!

    Sounds like a challenge to countdown in Times Sq!

  11. Happy New Year. I take my hats off to people who wait in cold and rain just to party with Ryan Seacrest :)

    Did you go?

  12. Naaliw ako dun sa last photo. hehehe. cute yung reactions nila.

  13. Happy New Year Nomad! All the best in 2010.

    It wasn't that cold when we were there New Year's Eve... but we're used to much worse in Canada. It was raining though, but definitely worth it for that final 1 min countdown.

  14. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    happy new year as well!

  15. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    I only passed by earlier in the day to take photos but I don't have the stamina to wait.

  16. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    happy new year too!

  17. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    the cops were also wearing thick jackets - it was cold.
    happy new year to you too!

  18. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    i like that "not for the faint of bladder" ha ha ha! happy new year fortuitous faery!

  19. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    thanks for dropping by! happy new year!

  20. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    ha ha ha, getting too close to each other in times square might raise the temperature a bit! happy new year!

  21. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    thanks doc gelo! it's actually the tourists that go to celebrate new year's eve in times square.

  22. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    maganda rito pero kung hindi ka comfortable sa winter weather, baka hahanapin mo kaagad ang Pilipinas he he he! happy new year!

  23. The Nomadic Pinoy9:50:00 PM

    you too bert, may you travel more!

  24. The Nomadic Pinoy9:51:00 PM

    you do need a lot of layering to combat the cold and fight the urge to pee - that's quite a sacrifice for those who were able to wait for hours!

  25. The Nomadic Pinoy9:51:00 PM

    nagulat nga ako at pati mga bata, naghihintay ng ganun katagal para lang sa dropping of the ball sa times square. happy new year!


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