Keeping The Faith

Despite the many calamities and natural disasters that have befallen the Philippines, one thing that never ceases is the unwavering faith of Catholic Filipinos. It's something that no high winds can topple nor rising waters can drown. In faith we seek solace, in prayers we seek support. With Typhoon Ramil on its way to slam the Philippines, the country certainly needs all the help it can get, including divine intervention from Above.

Last Sunday, the Filipino community in my parish held a procession in honor of the La Naval de Manila (Our Lady of the Rosary), one of the Marian images in the Philippines. Seeing the procession pass by my apartment building is a testament of how Pinoys anywhere in the world would seek that faith and devotion no matter what.

Even in Saudi Arabia where I used to work, Pinoys have found a way to bond together through this common faith. Knowing it's prohibited to practice any other religion besides Islam, we discreetly gathered in places where religious functions can be performed. That in itself was to me a miracle.

In the aftermath of Ondoy and Pepeng, affected Pinoys struggling to rise up from the devastation never forgot the power of their faith - that there is a God looking after them. As Typhoon Ramil is now threatening in the eastern horizon, Pinoys back home and Pinoys everywhere in the world are praying and keeping that faith. May God protect the Philippines!


  1. The calamities are, in a way, blessings in disguise. These awaken people and strengthen our faith.

  2. no amount of calamity can dampen the filipino faith. in all these tragedies, the filipinos will survive.

  3. Amen to the comments of Wits and Lawstude.

    May God bless us all!

  4. faith is one of the ties that bind us filipinos.

  5. Anonymous12:53:00 AM

    One thing that is to be proud about Filipinos is our strong faith whenever, wherever we are.

    Good to see La Naval procession in your place. Keep the faith burning! Thank you for praying for all of us.

  6. Lakas talaga ng faith the Filipinos... anywhere in the world... talagang gumagawa ng paraan para maipakita sa iba kung paano sila di nawawalan ng pag-asa despite sa mga calamites/tragedy at kung anu ano pang unos na dumating...


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