Shot & Sprayed

H1N1 Intranasal Spray

After getting a shot in the arm for seasonal flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago, I finally received the H1N1 vaccine. And since I'm within the age group without underlying medical problems, I got the intranasal spray version. A quick spray into each of my nostril and I thought "wow, these live, attenuated viruses are now traveling into my body". I know many people who had doubts about this latest vaccine but so far I haven't displayed any signs and symptoms of adverse reactions. No runny nose, cough, body aches or fever. Nothing like turning me into a zoombie in time for Halloween.

What about you, have you already received your shot/spray for 2009?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued vaccine information statements for the 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Live (intranasal spray) and the H1N1 Vaccine Inactivated (injection).


  1. Anonymous12:44:00 PM

    this one was probably the best halloween treat you've ever received! am i right or am i right? =)... i am familiar with flumist/intranasal flu shot; good thing that there's a specific one for swine.

  2. ooooh. even my mom who's an ER nurse is wary of this and refused to get the vaccine. we stuck with the regular flu vaccine.

    happy halloween!

  3. i got the regular flu shot; but was told we are getting the HINI later on.

  4. i already got a shot of it. just to be safe.

  5. Naks! dapat ang mga nakaavail na ng shot para dyan eh iexpose sa Ah1n1 para talagang masubukan kung epektib ba... jijijijiji... jowk! jijijiji

  6. Hi Docgelo,
    I suppose it is the best treat I got - a treat for my health!

    Hi Fortuitous Faery,
    There was even a health worker who sued the state against the vaccination mandate which has since been reversed. Happy Halloween too!

    Hi Photo Cache,
    Get it when it's available. Prevention is the key.

    Hi Dong,
    Good to know it's now available in the Philippines.

    Hi Xprosaic,
    Tests were actually done prior to the H1N1 vaccine being released to the public. kaya wala dapat ikatakot.

  7. not yet. but been thinking about it.

  8. I just got a regular flu vaccine... Hmmm do i really need it?

  9. I usually just take a double shot of whiskey followed by a can or bottle of beer whenever I feel the flu bug is knocking at my door LOL.

  10. Unfortunately, I haven't yet. Well, prisoners and people with medical conditions get priority, eh? And I happen to not fall in these brackets.


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