Zip Lining in the City

Ever since Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, Digos City sent everyone flying, including me last year, the Davao region is getting more hooked on zip lining. There are at least four that I know were built: one at Samal island, another at Eden Nature Park and two closer to Davao City itself. After hearing so much about it, I wanted to try The Xcelerator, Outland Adventure's own kind of adrenaline-pumping activity only a few minutes from downtown. Of course, I don't mean zipping past buildings. Davao City is fortunately still blessed with plenty of greenery.

crossing a river on a barge

the uphill hike

Outland Adventure is originally known for its rope courses & team-building programs.
Even young foreign visitors are having a great time in Davao City!

At one kilometer long and 200 feet high, Outland Adventure claims The Xcelerator is currently the "longest, fastest and tallest zip line in Asia". The US-certified zip line facility, designed by founder Matt Mcneil, is located along Diversion Road in Maa, close to another city landmark, the Gap Farms. It is open everyday, accepting walk-ins for 300 pesos per adult while kids pay half riding tandem with another adult. All revenues go only to operational expenses as Outland Adventure is owned and operated by Project Challenge Foundation, a purely non-profit organization that provides adventure-based programs for out-of-school youths in Davao City.

the launch pad

After signing our lives away on a waiver form, getting to the launch pad is part of the adventure. First, we crossed a river via a wooden barge that we helped pull ourselves through a rope tied to trees on both ends. Next is a 10-minute hike up through a wooded trail which finally led to a shack where we wait for our turns on the ride. When it was my turn, I was strapped to a double harness connected to two cables. Seeing they use a reputable outdoor equipment like Petzl, I felt even more secure. I flew so fast as I screamed my heart out that before I knew it, the ride was over. If this is truly Asia's longest, fastest and tallest, I couldn't even tell - it seem like a blur!

my 3-year-old niece hangs on to her mom

flying like superman!


  1. That looks fun... a bit scary... must be a special sensation to fly that high and so fast!

  2. now THIS looks fun!! i'd take that over airplane jumping (just completely forgot the proper 'term' for this.. doh)

  3. this looks fun truly! kaya lang mahina ako sa ganito..

  4. Anonymous6:19:00 AM

    what an extreme adventure! :D
    your 3-y/o-niece is such a thrill seeker; or was it her mom?

    don't tell me the waiver you signed stated that the facility will not be held liable if any untoward incident happens...or did it? i always believe on safety first of course.

  5. this would be the only one I am willing to try among the many xtreme adventures out there.

    okay this is xtreme to me, but i don't know if it's considered one.

    you are having a great time i can tell.

  6. there's a shorter zipline in tagaytay. i tried it early this year:


    glad you're having a blast :)

  7. isa rin sa ganda ng pinas ang lugar sa davao,lalo na kung maranasan ang maglakbay sa ere patawid sa kabila ng bundok. extreme adventure ika nga nila.:)

  8. this is the same zipline i tried when i went to Davao. loved the experience. would like to do it again, but with a different position. maybe upside-down? hehe.

  9. ang saya! how i wish maka lipad din akong ganyan. eto na naman po ako, nangangarap he he. nway, keep the adventure posts coming!

  10. wow ang sarap...wwwwwooooooooooo

  11. Oh LORD!!!! guess who WONT be on that line.....ME!!!!!!

  12. yeah, i too, wish to try out that xtreme adventure, (albeit my fear of open height)..but could this be somewhere else in in luzon area? ..

    davao truly is maximising its natural potentials.. dubai i guess should mimic this too..

  13. Will definitely try this when I visit Davao...

  14. Wow, I'd like to have that superwoman fly but I'd probably close my eyes. I tried the zipline here in Abu Dhabi pero medyo mababa lang kaya hindi pa ko ganong naiyak sa takot. Heehee.

  15. "Extreme Adventure" also offers rope courses : )
    i love extreme!
    ..what a brave 3yr old boy? or a girl?'

  16. i'd like to try that one :)


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