Their Easter Sunday Best


New York loves a parade. From Macy's Thanksgiving to Columbus Day to Halloween to Gay Pride, there's always something that happens in the streets throughout the year. Whenever I see one, I find myself, along with so many others, drawn to the sidewalks to watch. All that energy in a New York parade is just infectious.

Today being Easter Sunday, 5th Avenue (from 49th to 57th Streets) was closed to vehicular traffic from 10 AM to 4 PM for the annual Easter Parade. Though not technically an organized parade, many came donning their most creative Easter bonnets and costumes to be seen and photographed by curious tourists and locals. It's like 5th Avenue was turned into a catwalk with the gothic St. Patrick's Cathedral as a backdrop. There's a riot of colors and styles. One woman was even wearing a small-scale replica of the cathedral on her head! I just don't know if these participants wearing their Sunday best went to mass afterwards.


  1. Hats extraordinaire:-)would have love to see parades again.
    did you have one also?

  2. I love those funky wonderful hats! That's a fun parade to shoot!

    Btw, I linked you to my blogroll ;)

  3. What a photographer's/photoblogger's delight. Just like a smorgasbord of visual fodder for the blog.

  4. How exciting! I wish the Brits would be as colourful.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

    A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

  5. I love the colours of the bonnets! How I wish we had similar festivities here!

  6. @ Laagan,
    No, I didn't have any. How I wish I can be as creative.

    @ Dennis Villegas,
    Thanks for the visit. I've seen your blog and I admire your photos!

    @ Photo Cache,
    Yes, the Easter Parade is such a hit with photographers there were as many cameras as there were hats/bonnets.

    @ Joy,
    It's like Ascot-Meets-Alice-In-Wonderland.

    @ Jen Laceda,
    It was colorful indeed. Thanks!

  7. hahahaha! love love the hats! ;-)

  8. creative hats ...

    greetings !

  9. wow, my easter was not nearly as cool! i did manage to snap a latte bunny :)

  10. wow those hats are beautiful :)


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