I'm flying to India today. Unlike my Morocco trip last November, I'll be traveling in India alone. No accompanying friend or Intrepid Travel or Gap Adventure group this time. I must admit it's been a challenge planning this trip as India is such a huge country it's almost like going to another continent. Deciding on where to go took me some time. There's just so many areas to visit. I read guide books, browsed the internet, even got a dose of inspiration at the recent New York Times Travel Show. In the end, I decided on visiting parts of the north covering New Delhi -Jaipur -Fatehpur Sikri-Agra-Orchha-Khajuraho-Varanasi.

Why India? People I know immediately reacted with dread, as if I'm going to a war zone. "Remember the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai?", one told me. Those who saw "Slumdog Millionaire" also cringed at the thought of in-your-face signs of poverty. Yes, India has its share of terror and poverty but these can happen anywhere. Visitors still go to New York even after 9/11 and they don't care if many New Yorkers live on Welfare.

India - with its diverse sights, religion, cuisine and a bustling Bollywood scene - is definitely one of the world's greatest destinations, a country so proud of its culture and heritage its people wear them on their sleeves. It is just not a country to see but experience.



  1. Anonymous4:48:00 PM

    Im suya. I've always want to go to India. Especially see taj mahal and I forgot the name of the place the one that's near to the Himalayas already

  2. Hi Krem,
    If i had plenty of time, I want to see Ladakh - that's probably the one you meant.

  3. Anonymous11:17:00 AM

    Dear Dennis,
    I can't wait to hear your stories and see the pictures. Good luck and safe trip.

  4. Anonymous11:02:00 PM

    so it's india then..yup i saw slumdog ...my friend said hapit siya kagira sa india hahaha...but love the colors, heritage and history but hmmmmm i'm horrible with crowds but love new york hahaha there you can be alone even with those millions of people..you know what i mean...nobody gives a f$#@...well tc and more stories...


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