Holy Cows!

Where else on the planet can you see cows roaming freely on the streets but India? In this predominantly Hindu country, cows and bulls are so revered that it's illegal to hurt or worse, slaughter them. Offenders are even sent to jail.

Hindus consider cows sacred since Khrisna - one of their favorite gods - is a cowherd. For them, the milk coming from a cow is so important a nourishment as to elevate the animal to being the mother of humankind. Who never had milk as a baby anyway?

Beef steak lovers though may find themselves starving a bit looking for their favorite food here. I won't even be surprised if Argentinians - renowned for their steaks - will think twice before setting foot in India. Even McDonalds in New Delhi has gone beef-less as I found out during my last day searching for some familiar food. It's either chicken burger or fish burger called Big Mac Maharajah for some Indian twist.

Cows are everywhere. They're the kings of the road. They literally stop traffic. At major intersections, they lazily poke their noses on piles of garbage teeming with plastic bags. Others are luckier, people leave hay for them to eat. Serious devotees go the extra mile: I've seen elderly Hindus massage the cows and pray to them (like the old woman below).
Many of these animals are privately owned. At night, they go back 'home' and resume grazing the next morning on busy streets. Some of the cows are so emaciated from eating plastic bags they end up in goshalas or shelters for homeless cows. Yes, there are homeless people and there are homeless cows. Only in India can you find charity intended solely for cows.


  1. Hi Nomadic Pinoy! Sorry for the absence! It has been hard to get some free time... ;)
    So, you were also caught by the amazing views of India roads... ;))

    Now, «The Masterpiece» waits you and your comments at Blogtrotter. You shouldn’t miss it, believe me... ;). Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  2. Aren't they dangerous? Isn't it in pamplona Spain, they have the festival of the running of the bulls?

  3. Now that is fascinating, and a bit dangerous. I think it's advisable not to drive there instead rent a car with a driver?

  4. @ GMG,
    Thanks for dropping by. It looks like we both were in India around the same time!

    @ Clint,
    Not really since they're not like the charging bulls of Pamplona. These ones in India are so timid drivers just have to swerve past them.

    @ Photo Cache,
    Yes, driving is recommended only for the locals. With all that cattle and the traffic madness, only the foolhardy will ever try. I had arranged for a car and a driver to move around.


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