Anaheim, California

I didn't expect to arrive in California with a Christmas party to attend to right away. I didn't even have time to change clothes. We went straight from the airport. Trust the Pinoy way of celebrating Christmas even when far away - it's got all the trimmings just like in the Philippines. There's plenty of Pinoy food, music, kumustahan, and there's even parol - lots of them. My father's side of the family - mostly his cousins originally from Bohol - came in full force. It was my first time to see them after so many years and many of them, especially the younger ones, have never met me before. With so much stories to tell and so much food to partake, it was surely one big Christmas party, as big as the parol hanging outside my Tita's suburban home in Anaheim.

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  1. Anonymous6:55:00 PM

    its good to see that even in such a far place from the Philippines, your celebration is just like home.

    maayong pasko ug bulahang bag-ong tuig!


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