San Pedro College, Davao City

To my former classmates in San Pedro College, here's something to remind you of those days when we were young and dreaming that one day, we'll get to where we are right now. Whatever we've achieved in our lives, we all look back to that one place where those dreams were nurtured. And wherever we are in this planet, we all look back to that place because for four long years, San Pedro College was our HOME. (music from the album "Songs Rediscovered" by Jed Madela)


  1. Anonymous7:22:00 PM

    Very, very artistically done...that almost summarizes everything we've been through those years! That sure brings back a lot of great memories...Thanks for putting it together, it's very much appreciated.


  2. Anonymous7:55:00 PM

    Hello Dens,
    Very lovely indeed. Would you care to share your wonderful work piece with us and have it shown during the reunion gala? Kindly download it in DVD form and we'll have it projected for us to watch and enjoy. Thanks so much. Te'

  3. What a wonderful piece of art. You're so gifted with talents talaga Dens.
    Thanks for sharing. Great job.
    See you in a few days.


  4. Anonymous6:12:00 AM

    Hi Dens,
    VERY NICE...WELL DONE...I like it so much. Makabagbag damdamin. Can I have a copy? pls...Yes , I agree with Teresa, we should show it during our dinner. Maybe, during cocktail hour, continously playing.....

  5. Anonymous6:41:00 PM

    You are an AWESOME human being...
    See you soon!

  6. Anonymous9:15:00 PM

    Dennis, what can I say? you're brilliant!!!! Makahilak man pud ta

  7. Denz, it's brilliant! Brought back a lot of fun memories.

  8. Anonymous6:35:00 PM

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the intro, d music, d plane at d end, d slideshow
    was dramatically impressive from beginning to end. I like it that u
    were able to show d current SPC campus. I had a mixed-emotion of JOY &
    SADNESS... joy- coz it brings back fun memories... sadness- coz those
    days are gone.....

  9. this really made me cry. although my dreams may have not yet flown into full swing, im just proud and happy that in SPC. i have found my second home. I am proud to be an SPCian. Lahi ra jud! Siempe special thanks to Maam Veloso for the prayers, the novenas! Haha.. Im from batch 2006 BSN!


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