Selling The Philippines

Fifth Avenue is known for high-end shopping and those among us who can't afford them, well, end up window-shopping on the displays. This morning, I walked along this long shopper's lane and passed by the Philippine Consulate General. The display on the consulate's wide window isn't about shopping of course but I'm glad I see something there that's worth more than what can be stuffed in a shopping bag: The Philippines.The photos on display present only a fraction of what the archipelago can offer but it certainly caught the attention of many passers-by. It caught my attention too, fresh from that heady experience of zip-lining in Camp Sabros and climbing Mt. Apo last month. This proves that displays on the window can be good advertisements without costing too much. Get some great photo from George Tapan and voila, the Philippines in a nutshell gets to be seen in one of the world's most expensive streets. I'm really hoping that there will be more of this eye-catching window displays in the future. Who knows, those curious pair of blue eyes might be planning a visit to the Philippine shores?

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