Rome, Italy

A great catastrophe on our first night in Rome: we have arrived in Rome but our bags have not! Leah was the only one who got hers at the luggage carousel in Fiumicino Airport. A check at the baggage customer service revealed that our wayward luggage have been left behind in Paris. Mamma mia!

Armed only with our carry-ons - thankfully my toiletries were there -, we took the train to Termini Station in central Rome after being promised that the missing bags would be delivered to our hotel. Even with the knowledge that I´ve purchased trip insurance which covered baggage delays, it´s still distressing to miss your luggage. I´m tired after flying via London and the last thing I need coming to a strange city is buying "emergency " clothing.

Hopefully, it won´t take an eternity to find missing bags in the Eternal City of Rome.


  1. Anonymous4:27:00 AM

    hi, i wish i could go to Italy, too. harharhar

  2. I would love to spend a whole year just exploring Italy...Naples, Florence, Tuscany and Pompeii. :D Sarap mangarap...


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