Nassau, Bahamas

Walking along busy Bay Street late this afternoon reminded me of Key West's Duval Street: two-storey buildings made of wood with porches and balconies galore which is very Caribbean. I see that traditional architecture still dominates in these islands, adding to its charm as a destination for sun-worshippers coming from the cold North.

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, sits on the small island of New Providence, merely a speck in a string of some 700 islands comprising this Caribbean nation. Even though it is small, this is the country's powerhouse and where most visitors come in first. There are daily flights from mainland U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Huge cruise liners also dock at the Prince George Wharf, instantly flooding the streets with tourists.

Infrastructure boom geared towards the increasing tourist traffic is very evident. Even in the other islands, especially Paradise island which is connected to New Providence via a bridge, there are more hotels being built. The already mammoth Atlantis Resort on Paradise island is even expanding.

All these construction has not affected the slow pace of life at New Providence. . .yet. Locals at this time still go about their daily grind without being rushed in their routines. In a way, Nassau retains that small town feeling until all the cruise line passengers are disgorged from their ships.

I find it odd that they're driving here on the left using vehicles with left steering wheels. It's driving the British way using American cars!

My hotel - the Nassau Palm Resort - is conveniently located in Bay Street, right in front of the Junkanoo Beach. From my room on the fifth floor, I get a vantage view of a light house sitting at the western end of Paradise island and the boats cruising along Nassau Harbor. Lovely!


  1. Anonymous4:22:00 AM

    let me just say that ive been dreaming of going to bahamas! and i am so jealous of you! well, having the means and all, that is. lol

  2. I've also been to Bahamas! Great place... Beautiful waters... You'll never run out of things to do in this island. I like your photos... you capture so much with so little... hmm.. hope you get what I mean.


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